Wednesday, August 25, 2010

photos, elephant, water

Jonathan does a hand stand in front of an elephant standing on its trunk.

I sit on a giant cat. I feel strongly that all public scuptures should be climbable-on. (right after I got up on the cat-- which was not so simple and required a leg up from Jonathan-- this 6 year old kid insisted to his parents that if I could do it, he could definitely do it too.)
For example, this nice giant crawfish in downtown Barcelona-- wouldn´t it be so much better if you could sit on it???

They sell wine here by the liter. Bring your own container.

what´s this?

A very interesting article in The Economist that shows drinking a pint of water before each meal leads to weight loss, apparently even if you don´t reduce your overall caloric intake.

Jon Stewart crushes Fox, minutes 2:10-11:00. Don´t stop early, the end is funny beyond belief.


ejh said...

Where's the cat to be found?

Elizabeth Vicary said...

did you read it? pic 2!

ejh said...

Yes, I saw it! The question meant "where is it to be found in Barcelona?" rather than "where is it to be found in the blog piece?"

Elizabeth Vicary said...

oh, just some random square we wandered into, somewhere in the neighborhood of El Ravel. Barcelona has lots of public art.

ejh said...


It must be this one.

How annoying, I was just a few hundred metres away in May, waiting for a ferry. Next time I shall go and find it.

Elizabeth Vicary said...
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