Monday, April 2, 2012

has anyone noticed they took our rights away?

      The Supreme Court ruled today that anyone arrested on suspicion of any crime at all can be strip searched. You may have been busy celebrating the new year and not noticed, but on Dec. 31 last year, Obama signed away your right to not be arrested indefinitely without trial. (I wonder if they will change social studies textbooks, because I'm pretty sure the ones we use right now say America was set up so the government could never do that to its own people.)


Anonymous said...

wonder what he'll do in 2015?

Anonymous said...

No surprise what can happen in America if you read on Alex Jones' website, Infowars.

Check2Check said...

Our government is very adept at distraction and subterfuge. I think it's even scarier that We The People are letting them get away with it.