Thursday, January 31, 2008

I just played a kinda nice blitz game

I'm white against Polyphonic, and he just played 16... Rad8 so I have to protect the bishop. 17. Rcd1 is out because it hangs the knight but 17. Rfd1 looks pretty reasonable. The thing was I hadn't decided whether including f4-f5 in my intended kingside attack would be a good idea or a terrible idea. Part of me wanted to leave the rook on f1. I decided to forget the d file and try to get things going with 17. Qg4. I threaten Nc6; it's not winning the queen because he will always have ....f5, but it would be good definitely. He plays 17.... f5; 18. Qf4 is kinda forced since I don't especially want to take on c5 and lose my nice bishop/ activate his. Now 18... g5 19. Qe3 f4 and ...

20. Ng4! (exclam for funniness, not goodness) Actually this is quite bad; I should just admit it was all a mistake: take on c5 and move my queen somewhere.

20.... h5!

21. Qe5 hxg4? (He wins with 21... Rxd4 first)

22. Qh8+ Kf7

23. Qh5+ Kg8

24. Qg6+ black resigns.


Tom Panelas said...

Whoa, you beat Murrow? Okay, I realize now in the original post you said high school, but I just missed that.

Very impressive.

Tom Panelas said...

And now I realize I posted to the wrong thread. It was late.

Cool game, though I'm fuzzy on how your queen got to e3 in the second diagram. It's early here. I'll figure it out by mid-morning.

Tom Panelas said...

Now I see: 19. Qe3. Coffee helps. Very nice. said...

Nice game.