Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Photos From the US Chess School Never End

US Chess School Participants, June 2008
top row: Kevin Wang, Jarod Pamatmat, (Ryan) Joseph Moon
bottom row: David Adelberg, Varun Krishnan, Alexander (Sasha) Velikanov, Luke Harmon, Alex Ostrovskiy

US Chess School participants with Trainer GM Gregory Kaidanov

On the last day, students played a consultation game. When one side got under five minutes, each team elected a representative to finish the game. Alex Ostrovskiy represented his teammates Kevin, Jarod and Sasha, while Luke Harmon played for Joseph, David and Varun. Luke's team won the game when Luke checkmated by under promoting to a knight. The game, an exciting Najdorf, will appear with annotations in an article on CLO soon.
Luke concentrates in the consultation game.
Alex Ostrovskiy defends.
Sasha Velikanov

David Adelberg, positional master
Jarod Pamatmat
Joseph Moon, winner of the blitz tournament and playoff game.
Kevin Wang, tied for first in the blitz tournament but lost the playoff game.
Fun and Games at the After Party

Sasha shoots.
David slides.

Basketball game
Kevin, Carl (Luke's brother), Varun (background), Luke
David swings.
Joseph with basketball.
Luke lies on the ground, laughing. This kid is going to be a very, very strong player some day. He reads Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual without a board on long car trips, and he remembers every position perfectly. It's unreal. Check out his website:


Tom Panelas said...

It's great to be a kid.

es_trick said...

Any thoughts on the fact that there were no girls in the camp?

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Greg often does invite girls (Karsten McVay, Alisa Melekhina, Abby Marshall have all been invited and Karsten attended), but it's hard to find girls who are high-rated enough for it to make sense.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the children had a wonderful time. Bless the little masters.

Davy Do

PS Elizabeth said: it's hard to find girls who are high-rated enough for it to make sense. Any trends or signs of change for the better in this?

Anonymous said...

What is the update on the World Open????

I see Jarod Pamatmat is 4.5/6 at PA Youth Open...