Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday Night Anagrams!!!

What a beautiful series of games on Monday! From Nakamura's wildly creative

13. b4!

to the surreal double knight attack of Morsel - Serper,

to the train wreck Thaler - Harris

Everything's great for black if he just plays 16... b6 or 16... 0-0-0 or even 16... Bc5, but Harris goes for
16... Qc5+ 17. d4! Qxd4 18. Be3 Qxe3

And now even 19. Qxe3 wins because of the big threat cxb7+. Ooops.

We have a special edition of anagrams to celebrate Monday's spectacularness:

Monday Night Anagrams

Hunk begs, threatens

Damn Krauts!

Calm, healthier

Mental jar vendor

Rains hair

Yo, treat me

We help lamb.

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