Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fancy Dinner with Governor

A few weeks ago, the kids were invited to a fundraising dinner to recognize Randi Weingarten, the Teacher's Union Leader and her new foundation. They got to lead the diners in the pledge of allegiance, and then eat steak and enormous plates of scultured chocolate desserts.
Here we are with Governor David Paterson and Randi Weingarten:


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Congratulations. Well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Paterson, not Patterson.

Anonymous said...


I expected the Supernationals to draw about 6000. But wit the first deadline only one day away the current online number is 1750.

What is your prediction for the total count?

I think it will only be around 4000

Chess Monkey

Anonymous said...

Actually it's already up to 1900 and that is without Ms. Vicary's kids from 318 but it wouldn't surprise me if the numbers were down from the last SuperNationals. We are in a recession. Traveling for chess may well be an expense that some households decide they cannot afford this year.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

It's 2160 now... I expect most people will have preregistered, since it's a substantial savings, but I think all the pre reg is not in, as ours are not. I guess they will be lucky to get 4000?

Polly said...

Sharp looking kids there! They would win best dressed if they show up at tournament like that.

Regarding Super Nationals, I think 4000 may be about right.