Sunday, September 23, 2007

I could beat their reporter

I have to object to the way my game against Chris Williams was characterized by Boston Blitz "Beat Reporter" Mark LaRocca. (With great suspicion, I notice that he does not have a USCF rating.)

"Black, WFM Elizabeth Vicary, has just played the poor 25…f4? She had some pressure with the pawn on f5 threatening bxc4 and piling up on the c-pawn combined with a build up on the kingside. But, after this, Chris quickly took over the game with 26.cxb5 axb5 27.Ne1! threatening to drive Black back, which he did very nicely after 27…Ng6 28.Nd3 Qc7 and White took control from there."

This is absolute drivel. 25... f4 is not a weak move. Positionally and strategically, it's great-- keeps the center closed, creates the long term threat of ...f3, gains space on the kingside, controls g3, stops Ne3, keeps the white e pawn on e4 where it makes the Bb1 bad, and clamps down on the dark squares. If later I want to pressure the e pawn, I can play...f5, but I really don't see that I will ever (in a middlegame) want to open the position. LaRocca makes it sound like I'm releasing my pressure on white's center and killing my opportunity to play on both sides of the board. But the real story is that white's the one pressuring my center, and I need to keep the position closed or else I have no chance of orchestrating a kingside attack.

Now, Mr. LaRocca is correct that 25... f4 is not the best move-- 25... bxc4 is. If you are just looking at the game with a computer engine, this is the simple conclusion you would quickly come to: bxc4 = good, f4 = bad. In reality, black very much wants to play both moves, the only question is whether she can achieve this, and if not, which move is more important to play first. To determine this you have to correctly assess the situation after 25....bxc4 26. b4 Qsomewhere 27. exf5. And if you feed this position to Fritz 10 and Rybka (I used 26... Qc7, the second best move and the one I had been calculating in the game), you'll find the first engine assesses it at 1.28 and the second at 0.26. So I think it's not unreasonable to claim the situation is murky and the evaluation is tricky. My point is that the review presents 25... f4 as a bad move, when really it's a good move but for strategically complex reasons it's the second best move.

In your face, Boston.


Anonymous said...

He is rated above 2100, you have to search his name with a space, like:

La Rocca

not LaRocca

Anonymous said...

Also, he has been rated as high as 2350, when he was younger.

Anonymous said...

Everyone can be smart analyzing the game with 33 engines, but during the game Vicary looked totally clueless. Getting back on innocent reporter is easy, playing on a fourth board - a tad more difficult.

Anonymous said...

In your face Boston...

What? Last i checked you lost quite handily. In YOUR face.

Anonymous said...

Boston hasnt lost yet, I believe...

Anonymous said...

I'd put my money on LaRocca, sorry liz.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Was "No, in YOUR face" really the best comeback you could think of? I'm disappointed. If you're going to insult me because you can't disagree with my argument, then at least try to be funny.

Anonymous said...

Miss are truly "funny"

Anonymous said...

In your face, Boston.

Um... Vicary, it would have been in Boston's face had you won or drawn the game.

Your post didn't even prove anything conclusively. Sometimes in a tough position, all moves are "bad."

And learn how to use a search engine please before you claim someone doesn't have a rating.

P.S. How did you qualify for the NY Knights?

Anonymous said...

lol at these comments

Anonymous said...

What kind of attitude would you expect from someone who has spent 15 years as an A/Expert player. Break 2200 someday, and then, maybe, the grandiose opinions you have for yourself may not be so insulting to people who have earned their ratings, titles and ability.

Anonymous said...


Braden Bournival said...

Well first off, I'd like to say that I'd put my money on Liz in a match against LaRocca (and you guys know how I feel about women's chess!) She is a lot more active than him nowadays and has lots of experience against strong opponents.

As far as the analysis is concerned, bxc4 definitely seems better than f4, just on principle as black needs to get activiy at all costs (a common theme in the Sveshnikov). But I can see how a human would make the decision to play f5-f4 there.

Perhaps taking on c4 the move before instead of Be5 was a better decision, as black has more options if b4.

I just felt during this game that black has to be better in this murky position, because Qh5 is inaccurate, and Bb1 and b3 aren't great moves either.

David Harris said...

Perhaps we can settle this. As assistant manager, can Boston put Mark La Rocca on board 4?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually LaRocca is very active, in fact he plays every month at Metrowest Chess Club, you are welcome to check it out for yourself. I would bet on LaRocca.

Tennessee Tempo said...

You gotta just let the moves do the talking!

Anonymous said...

Vicary is like a robot, she made lots of theoretical moves and achieved a very nice position -/+ but when it came time to play on her own, she quickly lost.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

"and then, maybe, the grandiose opinions you have for yourself may not be so insulting to people who have earned their ratings, titles and ability."

Oh, I'm sorry, anonymous. I didn't mean to insult your enormous rating. It's a shame we can't all appreciate it because you are too CHICKENSH*T to post under your own name. You know why I get to express my opinions? Because it's MY BLOG.

Is your implication really that I did not earn my rating, title or talent (leaving aside the question of what earning your talent could possibly mean...)? Maybe you think I bought the WFM title? How much do you think it's worth, like $12.50?

"How did you qualify for the NY Knights?"

First I passed a written exam and a physical. Then I took part in the regional qualifications. Finally, I impressed the judges in the evening gown competition and learned to juggle as my special talent.

Then they still wouldn't let me on, so I cried until they gave in.

Anonymous said...

What!!?? There's a written exam? What an outrage!

Anonymous said...

WFM = Expert. So yes, you earned it, but what is it actually worth? Women claim to be equal in chess, but exercise their chance to be separate. Can a man over 2100 refer to himself as a MFM. The Polgar's never accepted any women's titles, therefore, they refused to accept that they may not be good enough to earn titles available to everyone. Don't wave the WFM flag and claim or insinuate to be equal to someone with a Master title that EVERYONE may earn!

BlueEyedRook said...

Philadelphia Inventors Rock!

Anonymous said...


Sofia Polgar = WGM
Susan Polgar = Former World WOMEN'S Champion.

But I can see how those don't count as women's titles.

Anonymous said...

Susan - GM
Judit - GM
Sofia - IM

Count it! (swish)

Anonymous said...

Just because they also earned men's titles, doesn't mean that they spurned all women's chess. I think Susan's World Women's Championship and the fact that she constantly runs events and creates titles specifically for women are enough to disprove your point.

Tom Panelas said...

Why are you guys afraid to use your own names? From what vast and powerful forces do you fear retribution?

Feel free to answer anonymously, if that's the only way you'll do it.

Anonymous said...

Running for political office soon, don't want comments made on this blog to be my downfall.

Jeff said...


Represent Chess in general and the USCL in specific with more class. Every damn thing I read about the USCL ends up drowned in controversy and a back and forth hissy fit.

The USCL could have a good thing going. Why don't you participants generate some good will in the community instead of holding pissing contests.

Not an anonymous coward

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on -- the "in your face, Boston" comment was obviously tongue-in-cheek. No need to get offended.

As for the people implying that Vicary is unfit to play for the Knights, keep in mind that Chris is playing the best chess of his life right now -- he's a tough matchup. (I wish he weren't, but...)

Charles Riordan

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Thanks Charles! (and Braden!)

Honestly, the whole blog is basically a joke, but I'm assuming everyone knows that by now.

Jeff-- I think it's ok. We're all just joking around and I feel like being entertaining -- even if it's ridiculous and borderline rude -- is better than being boring. Who are we embarrassing ourselves in front of? It's not like non-chess players will read this and pass judgment.

For the record, it's fine to make jokes at my expense-- I have pretty thick skin and I find a lot of it hilarious-- just so long as they aren't explicitly personal and non-chess-related.

Anonymous said...

I think Vicary is suffering from a multi-personality disorder... wonder if she will find this insulting or humourous, but i believe it to be true.


Elizabeth Vicary said...

Luckily, I find almost everything humorous.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

even though that is obviously both personal and non chess related. but i still find it very funny.

but why exactly?

also, if you think that now, you should see me when im pretending to be a super serious junior high school english teacher.

Anonymous said...

When is the Elizabeth Vicary rap coming out??

Here's a line from the upcoming rap:

Elizabeth is so good she gives rook odds to Karpov

She'll take all your pieces while using the Sveshnikov

Sam Shankland said...

You guys are all idiots. If you're going to insult someone on a public blog don't be a coward, say what your name is. And why are you guys such cavemen anyway? There is a disagreement about one move, why do things have to get personal? f4 was a perfectly reasonable move that probably offered the best practical chances in an otherwise grim position, but of course rybka disagrees. the point is, why are you guys acting like you're 3 years old?

Chris said...

elizabeth vicary said "I have pretty thick skin..."

Liz, who the heck are you kidding?? To give a popular English saying, "I've seen more meat on a butcher's pencil!" :)

Anonymous said...

Miss Vicary! You keep studying and you keep on playing and you will be woman's world champion someday! I believe in you!

Anonymous said...

"Miss Vicary! You keep studying and you keep on playing and you will be woman's world champion someday!"

Now that was a low blow.

Joshua said...

First, Ms. Vicary, let me say that it was great to see you playing at the Continental Open a few weeks back. I had been reading your blog updates on the USCF site, and seeing you at the board in person had an amusing jarring effect, finding that a digitized celebrity is, in fact, a real person.

With all due fairness to your strength as a player and your sensibilities and investment in your games, I think that a lot of the rot that foolish people have been tossing at you comes from the severity of your reaction to La Roca's annotations. It is difficult work annotating someone else's games, and there is a natural tendancy when you have Fritz at hand to assume the tone of someone who knows all. La Roca is a genuinely strong expert who is also a very nice guy to boot. I beat him once (I am an A player) and he spent a lot of time on the postmortem with me, which is a lot more than I can say for the great majority of stronger players I have beaten. Usually they storm out of the room. I am sure he was not trying to lay a heavyhanded commentary on your play, and that he had good intentions. If you had simply given your counterthoughts on the game and not indicated that his analysis was drivel and that he was a nonexistent player, none of the swine would have emerged to nip at you.

I hope I have not insulted you, but this all seems so unnecessary.


Elizabeth Vicary said...


Thanks for your very kind comments.

I think maybe some people are taking this more seriously than others (like me). I made my original post 95% as a joke, intended to be funny and to stir up a little interteam rivalry. A little fun, a little buzz. No hurt feelings. It didn't surprise me that some posters made fun of me. I started it, so I think they are *totally justified* in this. I haven't lost any sleep over it.

I'm sure Mr. LaRocca is an extremely nice person. I thought he was unrated because his name is spelled differently (with a space) on the USCF site. I'm sorry I was wrong, but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect people's names to be correctly spelled. I certainly hope he's not deeply offended by this thread. I thought the last line "In your face, Boston" was a clear giveaway that I was kidding, but maybe it's harder to interpret tone on the internet than I thought. After all, someone seems to think I have multiple personality disorder because I made a joke implicitly likening the USCL to a beauty pageant. I supposed many people are more literally minded than I am.
Having said all this, I stand by my opinion about the position and the move ....f4.
And just for the record, all of my earlier posts (Greg behaving reprehensibly, the Tempo not making the playoffs with Kasparov, etc.) are also jokes.

abby said...

hey elizabeth whats up

yeah, guys CHILL. you all remind me of the boy in fifth grade who endlessly picks on the pretty girl he likes. if you don't like the blog, don't read it. but reading for mistakes is ok, pointing out the mistake is the dumb part; by knowing the "truth" about one of elizabeth's deep insights (good analysis of the "in your face" remark, anonymous!) you have an advantage over everyone else who does not, but you ruin this advantage when you comment on her "error". i would in this case assume that you want the world (the majority which i'm sure religiously follows this blog)to know how brilliant you are, right anonymous...?

having said all that, this stuff is pretty hilarious, so please don't stop!


mark_larocca said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I don't usually do blogs... not enough time. But, some of the guys at the club pointed out that I was being hammered mercilessly…:)

First, let me say that I don’t analyze the games extensively; I simply comment based on my impressions from watching as a fan. I try to check things with Fritz… but, I only spend a short time. You can compare me to the football commentator who foolishly says “If he had cut left there, he would have scored.” Mostly, I try to have fun.

When I wrote the word “poor” about your … f4 move, I knew that’s not what I wanted to say. So, I thought for a while and couldn’t come up with anything. Then I looked at the clock, it was 12am Friday night, I was late on getting the article done, and I thought… “who cares, nobody reads what I say anyway”, and I sent it.

I hereby apologize for the harsh language. “poor” was a poor choice of words. But, I do think you had the upper hand and could have held off on …f4, since after that, Chris got his pieces back into the game. However, I haven’t read your analysis yet… but, I’m only a commentator… I am allowed to say foolish things…J

Regards, Mark LaRocca

P.S. no space, the USCF has it wrong. I couldn't even find myself when I first became a member.

Anonymous said...

Miss Vicary, I have just read the last few days worth of commentary on your blog and I must say it's quite interesting. I feel the need to express my opinion. The whole idea of women gaining what they call equality with men by acheiving a women's FIDE masters title without reaching 2200 is quite ridiculous and absurd! If it were really about equality they would have to reach 2200 for their masters title same as everybody else! The truth is it is about lopsided equality as it has been with you women over the last 83 years or so. Men have handed you the right to vote just like they've handed you everything else over the years. Why can't women chess "masters" like yourself do what the Polgar sisters have done and play by men's ratings and men's rules? Now that's real equality!!

Anonymous said...

Does all this friendliness mean that the grudge match is off?

Anonymous said...

The name of this blog
is Lizzy Knows All
And if you forget that
You're a Neanderthal
Don't post a word
Unless you sign your name
'Cause that only proves
You ain't got no game

If you diss her moves
I have to mention
Anybody can hide
Behind an engine
Or add a space
To his last name
His rating fame

The Royal Game
That's the thing
Think about girls
And she'll drop your king
I have to wonder
About Chris Williams
Maybe he don't dig
Her skinny limbs

Anonymous posting
Makes you a coward
Come back crawling
Like Paul or Howard
Drive-by insults
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Gonna be a jerk
At least make her laugh

Anonymous said...


At the office
they call her Miss
Luckily she finds this
But in the hood
It's WFM
You're just jealous
you ain't one of them

I have to sneer and
I have to scoff
When you say you've busted
Her Sveshnikov
Your refutation
Is unsound
She'll prove it to you
In the next round

You'll say you're sorry
She'll say who cares
Your bishop's on
The wrong colored squares
Your last day alive
You can't take advantage of
The hole on d5

Piece activity
Is where it's at
No point in
Denying that
Bring it on
She's drawing a line
When she plays 1...c5
You'll want to resign

Anonymous said...


Rich in Phoenix said...

Liz, Your Blog is great! Keep up the humor here and stir the pot with the other USCL teams. Players take chess too damn serious sometimes and the creation by Greg of this Chess League with it's rivalries and associated logos, cups, caps etc. make it fun to follow as a patzer chess fan that I am.

I'll have my N.Y. coffee mug filled up and Baltimore T-Shirt on tonight as I watch the competitions for week 5.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

That's the greatest thing I've ever read.


Anonymous said...

Rap sucks. And the fact that your probably a white nerd makes it even more disgusting. You make me want to vomit.

Wonderboy said...

Dear Miss Vicary: I'm sure you don't make most of the guys want to vomit the fabulously beautiful goddess that you are. Which leads me to my next question. Since the chess world now has many gorgeous and stunning women like yourself and Iryna Zenyuk, and Irina Krush and Jennifer Shahade to name just a few in the chess world how do you think that affects the non-playing chess populace's perception of what are considered nerd chessplayers? After all in school when I was on the chess team years ago they used to say the chess team's theme song was the "Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairies"!! (Now that's funny!!) Maybe it's because we were all socially dysfunctional and socially awkward. They'd read the results of the previous nights' "varsity" (as I used to call it) chess match on the intercom last in the morning announcements and the homeroom kids would say, "This is nonsense! This is bullsh*t! This is totally insignificant. They are total fairies and their theme song is the "Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairies." What do you think of that kind of behavior?

Anonymous said...

"Rap sucks. And the fact that your [sic] probably a white nerd makes it even more disgusting. You make me want to vomit."

(1) I'm not white, I'm (as they say) Asian/Pacific Islander.

(2) It isn't rap, Bunky. It's opera. Here it is in the original Italian:

Il nome di questo blog è
Lizzy Conosce Tutti
Se dimenticate questo
Siete un Neanderthal
Non scriva alcune parole
Senza vostra firma
Quello dimostrerebbe soltanto
che non conoscete il gioco.

Se non rispettate i suoi scacchi
Allora devo dire
Qualcuno può nascondersi
Dietro un calcolatore
O aggiunga uno spazio
Al suo nome
Per nascondere
La sua fama


(3) Feeling a little queasy?

Brian Hulse said...


I watched your game too. I think 12...Bxd5 is a strategic mistake - giving up the two bishops and closing the position. The subsequent error was 12...e4 in reaction to 12 c4. You should keep your pawns abreast until White plays f4 - then ...e4 is much better.
Better than 12...e4 was 12...b4 13.Nc2 Rh6 - White must play Qg4 since Qe2 or Qf3 lose to the bishop to 14...e4 - then Rg6 White could repeat with Qh5 but would probably retreat to avoid the repetition. Then either ...a5 to keep the Qside closed or first ...Bh6 hitting the queen again.

The play you chose with 12..e4 was forcing but too committal since the eventual undermining f3 would cause problems - unless you do what you did, sacing the pawn with 25...f4 - but your play on the Kside was going to be insufficient due the lack of coordination, and flexibility. With your R stuck on K-side - you were a piece down on the Q-side - and therefore lost once that side was opened.

Softly softly catchy monkey - allow your opponent to control the game if it is consistent with your overall plan. Wait for the moment - then strike when the iron is hot. Nothing worse than ironing before the iron is plugged in.

Brian Hulse USCF 2200
(1978 Marshall CC champ)

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Dear Brian,
Thanks for your comments! I've thought about them carefully, but I'm not sure I understand why 12... Bxd5 is a mistake. Could you explain it to me please?

Wonderboy said...

Dear Elizabeth: In your game with Charles Williams I don't agree with Brian Hulse that 12...Bxd5 is a blunder. It is book and you could probably follow it up with 14...Bxg7 and castling kingside. It is also possible to not take the knight and play 12...Bxg7 and castle kingside as well. The crucial mistake in your game was 15...e4 like everbody's been saying because you allow 16.f3 opening the position up in his favor. If you had played something like 12...Bxg7;13Qh5,h6;14c3,Qg5 you'd be in better shape. If he moves his queen knight back to c2 you play Rab8 and start steamrolling your pawns on the queenside. You just don't want to open the position up when he's got more space. If he plays P-KB4 at some point then you play P-K5! If he retreats his queen after you play Qg5 then your queen is better placed and you follow up with PxKP and f5. Forgive my mixing algebraic with descriptive but I think in terms of algebraic but annotate with descriptive. If you take the knight and retreat 13...Ne7 then that knight may wind up on g6 and still you don't go e4 until or unless he plays f4! N'es Ce Pas, Elizabeth?

Wonderboy said...

PS. Elizabeth. Sorry. It's Wonderboy again. When I said Bxg7 in the previous comment I meant Bg7 wherever I said Bxg7! Sorry! It was a typo.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting on that grudge match....

Anonymous said...

Dear Lizzie: When is your next big chess tournament? And do you intend to try and take the woman's world chess title eventually!?

Vishank said...

why does everybody go as anonymous?
its so stupid.

Al Pichenko said...

OK, Anonymous! There's my real name. Now as I was asking Lizzie before I was so rudely interrupted I'd like to know when Lizzie's next big chess tournament is and if she has any intentions of trying to eventually go after the women;s title of world champion? You are young enough Lizzie and talented enough and studious enough and have plenty of time to go after the women,s world title I would think.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

I'm working unfortunately hard these days, so my next tournament probably isn't until Vegas at Christmas. I'm going to visit my father in England at Thanksgiving or I would play in Philly then.

Thanks for the encouragement, but I think it's still a wide open question whether I can make master.

Al Pichenko said...

Dear Lizzie: That's great that you are going to visit your father in England! You can play chess any time! Visiting a loved one around the holidays is way more important! I'm sure he'll love to see his beautiful chessplaying daughter again especially around the holidays! Has it been long since you've seen him? As for the women's title you are young and intelligent and if keep studying and playing who knows?! And if worse comes to worse you can always enter a Keira Knightly lookalike contest! Have a good Thanksgiving holiday with your father and with anyone else who may attend! Good day!

Brian Hulse said...

Since Wonderboy says Bxd5 is book, I guess it is not a mistake - although any move can be put in a book once someone plays it.
Without re-examining the position, I said it was a mistake because it was not forced (as far a I could see) - it ceded the 2 Bishops and your control of the White squares (particularly g4 and h3). It also committed you to repositioning your N on c6 - before it had a chance to go to d4 (have to wait for c4, else eventual c3 will embarrass the N on d4.
White N on d5 has maximized itself, it is probably going to move away by itself since it blocks the d-file. Russian theory for many years has taught that the backward d-pawn in the Sicilian (in general) in not a bad weakness - the fact that Black has 2 center pawns - and d6 is easily defended compensates for the backwardness. If Black ever gets in d5 White is probably losing (Black would only play it if it is winning).
Anyway - good game - I think the premature ...e4 was the turning point since it was overly committal.

Brian Hulse

Abner Falkonitzky said...

Dear Lizzie or whoever reads this: They tell me that even though Liz is pretty popular with the guys it was no accident she was mentioned in the book "Chess Bitch"! Guys talk and I hear she plays chess in tournaments and writes articles in "Chess Life" magazine to prove to men that she's just as good as they are if not better. She's out maybe to even get revenge on men perhaps because her father left her and mother and sister high and dry when she was a little girl! This has meant that guys have said that she is snobby and only talks to certain people! Snapping at Mark LaRocca and being uninformed about him (perhaps showing her anger against men in a prejudicial fashion) is one example of her obnoxious and uppity and hateful way of dealing with men or anybody really. Guys at chess tournaments have told me that she lacks basic compassion for people in general except when she absolutely has to have compassion for them such as in the case of children (who are completely defenseless). There the school district she works for in New York City has control over her and that's the only reason she has compassion for them. Now I'm not a chess player but guys have told me that if they had to play her they'd play her and after the game would get away from her as fast as possible! She is not the best looking chick in the world. But she thinks is. She's a walking social tragedy.

vishank said...

you suck abner falonitzky

Yefim Treger said...

Dear Lizzie blog: I sort of get what you mean Abner! I played Liz Vicary before and she kind of acted stuck up and bitchy like her sh*t didn't stink and I don't know. I didn't think she was that great looking really. I mean she kind of thought she was hot sh*t and I looked up one of her profiles on the Internet where she is sort of staring into the sun all red-faced and all like she was posing like a supermodel for a photo. And she doesn't have anything if you look at her from the front if you know what I mean! There are alot of girls that are way more pleasant and more endowed like a normal woman instead of endowed like a man and having a head too big for her body!! What those other guys were saying about her may be true-she's got a multiple-personality disorder and has an over-inflated opinion about herself. I could do better.

Renard W. Anderson said...

Yeah, Yefim! You know now that you mention it I've read a couple of Lizzie's chess articles and she doesn't like it when men are condescending to her because she's a woman and yet I've heard that she's very judgmental in her thinking and condescending to certain "types" of people. She may very well be a nigger hater. Who knows? Like many women these days she wants all men's priveleges and none of their responsibilities. She prejudged Mark La Rocca that's for sure! And when she wrote she hated two guys who she thought cheated at chess they handed her a line of bullsh*t like slick guys do and she changed her mind right away! She stopped hating them when they were tall and probably had alot of money and she imagined that they were well endowed underneath their pants! She proved to be obnoxious and belligerent with Mark La Rocca, snobby and bitchy with Drew Hollinberger. She is nice to kids, however! It seems like she's a Jekyll and Hyde personality. A personality disorder like those guys were saying on this blog earlier! Maybe by acting angry and hostile like she does she's blaming the rest of the world for her inadequate breast size! Is it our fault her tits are too small? Is it our fault her father failed to raise her properly. I have also heard from other chessplayers that likes to bully people that can't defend themselves because she just doesn't give a shit! Just remember that Mussolini liked to bully other kids in school when he was a kid and some historians say that that was the beginnings of Fascism in Italy. I think most men could find women adequately built from the front and that are much less hateful and hellbent on showing men that she's the boss and much nicer on the inside.

Greg Shahade said...

Wow, now that Yefim and Renard mention it, I too agree with some of the sentiments about Vicary. She is always very nice to the kids but that's because she has to be. However when it comes to defenseless guys like Mark LaRocca she is more like Joseph Stalin, attacking them viciously! It's probably signs of poor upbringing due to fatherly neglect. Also did you read ChessBitch? She's in that! No surprise why! I think she's angry because of the hole in her leg. Yes she has a hole in her leg, and she takes it out on defenseless people. One day all men will feel the wrath of Vicary and she mows them down one after another with her tyrannical attacks. I can say without question that there are many women more pleasant than Vicary who don't even have holes in their leg! And look, just to prove that I really really mean all these things that I'm saying and that I'm really Greg Shahade, I actually have a real blogger account that I have used to post on blogs before! I am certain that it was the real Treger and Renard Anderson however, and look forward to the day that we can one day get together at a chess tournament and share our own tales of how wronged we were by Vicary. Also she has multiple personality disorder, hates all races except English, hates men and is the biggest bully I've ever met!!

Ron Young said...

Multiple Personality Disorder gets all the attention, but let's save some of our concern for those with just one personality but multiple identities.

Peter Cunningham said...

A hole in her leg?!?? What do you mean a hole in her leg??!? What kind of a hole in her leg?? Ewwwwwwwww!!! It sounds really grotesque!!!

Vishank said...

what the heck is "chess bitch"?

George Williams said...

Greg Shahade: I'm curious!! How could anybody have a hole in their leg? Is she in pain do you know? And Vishank old buddy-it's obvious what a chess bitch is I think. In fact when a woman is referred to as a bitch of any kind it's obvious what that is to most men.

Trent DeHavilland said...

Hey Greg! How would you know she has a hole in her leg unless you were dating her??? Alot of guys think she's really cute!!

George Williams said...

Dear Vishank: "Chess Bitch" is the name of a book actually!! Sorry!! I didn't know what you were referring to! Jennifer Shahade wrote it and it came out last year (2006)in hard cover. It is about attitudes towards women in the chess world and it is also a history of women in chess including many famous and noteworthy female chessplayers these days!! You should read it!!

Edward Simko said...

I have met Irina Krush, and Anna Zatonskih, Arpetiak, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Esther Epstein,Judit Polgar, Susan Polgar, Anna Levina, and Elizabeth "lizzie" Vicary and I can truthfully say that first eight women are normal women with normal attitudes who if they saw a dog get run over by a car they'd feel bad! If Vicary saw a dog or any animal killed by a car I don't think she would give a walking f*ck one way another judging by what I've seen of her and judging by what some of the comments the other guys have made on this and other blogs! I just don't happen to like her because I think she has a screw loose inside of her head! If I enrolled my kid in the school she teaches up in NYC and found out the next day that she teaches there even if my kid wasn't in any of classes I'd wisk that kid out of that school so fast it wouldn't even be funny!!!

Anonymous said...

lol at these comments. They are really from the twilight zone.

Vishank said...

Ohh, so thats what it is, thanks
George Williams

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Anonymous said...

Great Blog Elizabeth. I took you as being funny right from the start. These guys obviously think you are some nice girl or they would not try so hard to get your attention by teasing you. That is typical 5th grade. I know I do the same. hehe. Love teasing really pretty intelligent girls.

Now if I can only get one to pay attention to me. Oh Well. I can dream.

And now since I live in Boston. I will make my comment in my words about my team.


Lizbeth and I are going to dine out in style. I will be King of the Hill with the best looking woman tucked under my arm as we enter the restaurant. Ah the good old days. To Dream.

Lizabeth you can even name the Pizza joint. The pizza is on me.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Does that offer include toppings?