Sunday, February 3, 2008

Non Blog Writing

The Best of Chess Life Online 2007 has prompted me to reread some of my chess related writing from last year, and you know, it's not so bad. In case you missed it, here are a few links:

Interview About Cognition, Gender Differences, Teaching Chess

Top Ten Teaching Books:

Chicago Open:

Junior High Nationals:

Oklahoma FIDE Open

Two Blog Entries from the US Women's Championship for CL Online:

And if you started reading this blog recently and haven't found the interview with Jaan Ehlvest ("Delaying What?") back in August or September, it's worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

You crushed those other blog writers.

Exclam! online said...

In order for the links to work:

0. do a blog entry (comments like this one don't work);
1. type the text you want the blog reader to see;
2. highlight the text;
3. click on the "link" icon. (It's in the top part of the box and looks like a green smear with some chain links above it.);
4. paste the url in the dialogue box;
5. voila! You should have a link.

In any case, a discerning reader can cut and paste the url that you have provided directly into their address bar, click the "go to" icon, and the link works fine.

Elizabeth Vicary said...


Anonymous said...

OK, now, don't let your head get too big...