Friday, August 7, 2009

the Economist fakes an apology, the 3rd International Yo-Yo Open

The Times had a great correction, which I blogged about a while back:

An earlier version of this article misstated the location of a 2005 sexual encounter between Stephon Marbury of the Knicks and a team intern. Mr. Marbury testified that it took place in his truck, not in the trunk of his car.

but the Economist had a gem this week that almost matched it:

Gennady Timchenko and Gunvor International BV
Jul 30th 2009 From The Economist print edition
In a section of our special report on Russia entitled “Grease my palm” (November 29th 2008) we referred to Gunvor and its cofounder, Gennady Timchenko. We are happy to make it clear that when we referred to the “new corruption” in today’s Russia, we did not intend to suggest that either Gunvor or Mr Timchenko obtained their Russian oil business as a result of payment by them of bribes or like corrupt inducements. Rosneft sells only 30-40% of its oil through Gunvor rather than the “bulk” of Rosneft’s oil (as we described it). We accept Gunvor’s assurances that neither Vladimir Putin nor other senior Russian political figures have any ownership interest in Gunvor. We regret if any contrary impression was given.

In other news, the 3rd International Yo-Yo Open is tomorrow at South Street Seaport. a video from the preliminaries:


gurdonark said...

I see yo-yo's in the store lately, and they seem a shadow of their former glory. I assume this means there is a 'serious' yo-yo movement of things so glorious that they aren't in ordinary stores.

Anonymous said...

"After the nice KGB man approached us and we shared a pleasant discussion regarding the adverse effects of polonium 210 on human beings, we agreed that his word choice was superior to that which we had initially selected."

Derek Slater said...

Dang. That's much more exciting than tournament Rock Paper Scissors or Grocery Bagging.

Anonymous said...

I attended a chess tournament at UMass Amherst that also had a yo yo tournament going on at the same time. It was very fun to watch the yo yos in action in between rounds.

Anonymous said...

I think that Economist "clarification" (note they do not use the word "apology") does not suggest the use of Polonium by the Russians. More likely the Economist found out something that would look bad in court and the Russians decided to settle.