Saturday, August 1, 2009

amusing tactics by curtains

I was watching Greg play this game on ICC two nights ago (vs. Molton) and I was thinking "man, Greg is in trouble after Nf5." After thinking for a full minute, white plays 20. Nf5, but then Greg just takes it and the guy resigns. I laughed for a long time.
(20...gxf5 0-1 because 21. Bxf5 Bg6 and the white bishop is pinned to the queen. Black can also throw in 21...Rxe1 first, since he'll need to after white's bishop takes on d7)


anjiaoshi said...
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ejh said...

Black can also throw in 21...Rxe1 first

No he can't.

Greg Shahade said...

She meant 20...Rxe1 obv, because she's strong enough to know what check is!

Globular said...

This is a fine example of a "ghost piece." My (1700 USCF) mind saw that 21...Bg6 can be met by 22. Nxg6, except for one small problem... *the knight is no longer there!*