Monday, August 3, 2009

Abby Marshall: Denker Champion!

she plays pretty good for a girl.

happy birthday tomorrow, President Obama!! If you haven't checked out the White House website, it's really a lot of fun.
look: from a memo from Obama to Clinton:
"I hereby determine that The Lao People's Democratic Republic has ceased to be a Marxist-Leninist country. ...I hereby determine that the Kingdom of Cambodia has ceased to be a Marxist-Leninist country."
wow, just like that.

And my favorite, the weekly address.

bad news for people who get anxious about global pandemics: a new strain of HIV in Cameroon and an outbreak of pneumonic plague in China. (According to the World Health Organization, pneumonic plague is one of the deadliest infectious diseases, capable of killing a person 24 hours after he or she gets the disease.)


katar said...

I just wanted to say that Abby Marshall is my chess hero because she plays the King's Gambit. What a badass.

es_trick said...

Go Abby!

Leon Akpalu said...

She reminds me a bit of Jessica Ambats. Do you remember her? Back from when we were that age...

Anonymous said...

Please advise Abby, who I'm sure is a smart young woman, not to make that hand gesture in Chicago. Especially on the South Side.

Anonymous said...


and ditto katar's comment... anyone that plays the king's gambit in serious tournament games has my utmost respect...

Leon Akpalu said...

Are you also from Chicago? I'm in Hyde Park.

Tim said...


I just want to congratulate Abby on playing awesome chess!

Not only did you become the first female to win the Denker, but you very emphatically have broken through the Master barrier.

We were rooting for Abby especially my wife who thinks it's great that she beat the boys.
Just to qualify for Denker, she finished ahead of strong Masters Edward Lu and Adithya
Balasubramanian in the VA State High School Championship.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Abby!

Her commentaries on the USCF site have been terrific.

I hope she gets some coverage out of this - do you know what she wants to do later in life in terms of a career or education?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wonders "do you know what she wants to do later in life in terms of a career or education?"

The answer is sponge off her parents, I believe. Okay, the truth is she wants to major in English in college, which amounts to the same thing.


Someone in the Know

Elizabeth Vicary said...

I think she wants to be a DJ

ATH2044 said...

A DJ, as in "Grandmaster Flash"?
I believe that name's already taken.
Congrats on a fine tournament victory & some new milestones. For now you may be feeling the new 2200+ (2224 by my estimate!) as your biggest accomplishment so far, but being the first female to win the Denker is truly historic & clear first in that tournament is no small feat in itself for anyone. Amazing Abby, amazing!

gurdonark said...

MC King's Gambit sounds like a playable DJ name--sounds like someone who can play chill, downtempo and really energetic goa.

That's great that she won the Denker. Let's hope this is one more sign of an end to the gender divide in chess.

Anonymous said...

GO ABBY!!!!! You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I just played Abby in a simul she held at the scholastic state championships at VA-Tech. She won, of course.... but she seems like a very nice person so I hope she succeeds at whatever she does.