Monday, April 27, 2009

quiz position

Talitha takes a picture.
Lauren R-Talitha Santana
black to move


Anonymous said...


an ordinary chessplayer said...

Wrong punctuation.

Anonymous said...

why not just fg, and when white retakes on g3 with anything, then h4.

ATH2044 said...

On 1. ... fxg3+ white can play 2. Kh1 Qe6 3. Qxh5 Rxf2 4. Rg2 Rxg2 5. Kxg2 Qf6 6. Ra2 Rh8 7. Qg4+ Kd8 8. Nxg3 & it still looks like fun for the whole family.
After 1. ... Qf6, white's kinda screwed.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking 1...fxg3 2 Kh1 Rxf2!

Black still wins, but it's not nearly as efficient.