Sunday, May 9, 2010

no charge for awesomeness, part three

This weekend, IS 318 won the National Elementary (K-6) and the National Elementary Blitz Championships. Justus Williams took individual first on tiebreaks in a 4 way tie for first in the K-6 Championship section. James Black (the National 6th Grade Champion) took first on tiebreaks in a 2 way tie in the blitz championship (he placed 7th in the real tournament).

Last month, IS 318 won the K-8 Junior High Nationals and our B team came third in the K-9. We won the K-9 blitz tournament. Alexis Paredes won clear second in the K-8. IS 318 teams won places 2-6 in the Junior High Bughouse Championships.

We came fifth in the High School Nationals and James Black placed 22nd. We came third in the high school blitz tournament. We won National Girls 12 and Under and 14 and Under Championships. Rochelle Ballantyne, who graduated from 318 last year, won the Girls 18 and Under National Championship and the full scholarship to UTD ($60,000 out of state!).

In December, we won the 6th and 7th grade championships and came second in 8th grade. James Black won the 6th grade championship and the grade nationals K-6 blitz championship.

We are a 6-8 school. :)

Justus Williams, National Elementary Chess Champion, and James Black, National Elementary Blitz Champion

The three top scoring members of the IS 318 team: Isaac Bareyev, Justus Williams, James Black

number four: Kenneth Martin

Less competitive than the grown-ups: IS 318 students and Moody Middle School (1st and 2nd place teams in the K-6) students play blitz, ignoring the awards ceremony going on behind them


Anonymous said...


Daaim Shabazz, The Chess Drum

Anonymous said...

Good job guys !! Keep up the good work.

A Chess fan in Connecticut,


es_trick said...

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

pretty awesome i guess, though i think i am a better player than both i still have a minus score -go figure- they are both pretty tenacious very strong players i'm sure will do very well

Check2Check said...

Awesome job!!! both students and teacher! Love the pic of them playing blitz during the ceremony. Kids have a knack for avoiding boredom. (=