Tuesday, August 3, 2010

new favorite things

game: Rummikub. I learned it recently in England and it´s addictive, plus, you can play it with two sets of playing cards.
building: the Strata in London. Why hasn´t anyone else thought of putting wind turbines on the tops of buildings? There´s so much wind up there! Europeans take climate change seriously.

Also check out the garbage/recycling bins in Spain:
There´s no garbage here without recycling.

cereal: Choco All Bran. A reason to get up in the morning. Fibrous, yet filled with chocolate!

chess book: Chess Strategy for the Club Player by Herman Grooten.
I´m reading a chapter every other day (I alternate it with going to the beach) while in Spain. magical!

Russian policeman: Alexey Dymovskiy

American hero: Paul Krugman. not new, ok, but every time I read his column I want to cry/cheer/forward it

favorite CDC graphic: the map of spreading obesity here

favorite recently read novel: a Fraction of the Whole. It´s not easy to be funny and brilliant for 710 pages, but Steve Toltz manages easily.


Doug said...

Yeah. Every time I read Krugman I want to cry, too.

Anonymous said...

Why, 'cause he's beating you like a whiny stepkid?

ejh said...

Recycling is good in Spain. I live in an Aragonese village of about twelve people and yet we have a bottle bank. In the nearest town you don't have to walk more than about a hundred meters to get to a plastics or paper recycling bin.

Two parties? said...

Doug, you'll appreciate this:


Two parties? said...


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