Friday, September 24, 2010

Master Justus!

 Congratulations to National Master Justus Williams!!!

I intend to blog again, I do. The start of the school year has got me preoccupied, plus the relationship gives me someone nonanonymous to talk to. I really miss chess, however, and I'm planning to play next weekend at the Marshall and definitely in Philly over thanksgiving.

I'm excited about this school year. The new kids are great: young and eager. Tomorrow we are going to play at Chess in the Parks. I'm teaching less and having them do more stuff -- like CT-Art on the portable laptop cart:


Gurdonark said...

That's great that Justus achieved a master rating. I hope he continues to improve and to enjoy playing.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! ,Justus!!
That is really wonderful!!
Best wishes,
God Bless,


es_trick said...

I saw Justus at the Bradley Open a couple of months ago and tried to chat with him. He was a bit shy, though. Neverthless, I told him how great I thought he was, even though he didn't do great at that particular event.

Please pass on my congratulations to him on achieving a Master rating.

-Eric Strickland