Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vaughn gets lucky

Vaughn is black against Brittanie in the above position, and it looks like he's losing a pawn because of his misplaced Ba5 after 13. Qa4. But he's a lucky kid, and after
13. Qa4 Bb6
14. Qxc6 he finds Bd7!
15. Qb7 Bb5! (D)

with ....Rb8 after white moves the rook. :)


Bazooby said...

Instead of moving the rook, what about (from the second diagram)
16.c4 Rb8
17.Qxb8 Qxb8
Taking on c6 was a mistake, but this still looks playable.

Gurdonark said...

Ah, the sublime joy of spending tempi to use the queen to hunt a poisoned doubled pawn. This is at least a disease which kills swiftly enough to cure one of the malady in the future.

Anonymous said...

To quote Charlemagne in Pippin, it's smarter to be lucky than it is lucky to be smart. :-)

ben daswani said...

don't mean to nitpick but that isn't really luck, is it? he found the correct moves and punished his opponent for pawn-grabbing. that's more like... skill? d:

Torbjörn Björklund said...

Wow! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Torbjörn Björklund said...
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