Sunday, February 6, 2011

the Marshall party for Justus Williams!

Marshall VP Larry Price, Justus Williams, GM Maurice Ashley
Friday night, the Marshall gave a party for Justus Williams, to celebrate his breaking the record for youngest African American master. He made 2200 at 12 years old, breaking Kassa Korley's record of 15.

Katie and Brian, the filmmakers responsible for the upcoming Brooklyn Castle, came out to film the party

Matthew and Kenneth play blitz. Polly Wright is behind them.

Mitch Fitzko and Isaac Barayev

Shaun Smith is standing, CIS instructors Laura Ross and Jeff Kelleher are sitting in the background, 318 kids between them.

Galvin plays Randy. Isaac and Shaun Smith watch.

Russ Makovsky, who runs NYC Chess, Inc, and Marshall VP Larry Price

Larry gives the nicest speech ever about Justus: "I've seen the future of chess, and it is Justus Williams."

James Black, Adia Onyango, and John Galvin

Shaun Smith

more photos here


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Justus!!
Really nice photos of everyone at the Marshall!!.
When can we expect to see the Chess Movie.!..Soon I hope.


Elizabeth Vicary said...

It's almost finished! Katie has sent rough cuts to film festivals and is waiting to hear back, but I think she + team are aiming for the beginning of April.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Justus ... looking forward to the film!