Thursday, June 2, 2011

Know Your Neighbor: James, the Chess Champ!

from WNYC/ NPR. original story here


Philip Sells said...

It might be an interesting little series, this Know Your Neighbor thing. I daresay it's good for people down in the city to have that. People probably get lost in the crowd frequently due to sheer numbers.

I was in Manhattan for the New Yorker Open over the weekend, and James was my first opponent. He does play well, to be sure. I get smothered in clouds of despair hearing him talk of studying chess six hours a day... I'm lucky to get that much study time in a week. And this is the kind of talent that I have to face when I go to these tournaments! Yikes.

(I took a screen shot of the frame in the video where James' library is behind him, and it seems we have a number of book selections in common. I sometimes get curious about other people's chess libraries.)

Elizabeth Vicary said...

I really love this video.