Saturday, November 12, 2011

the date that most resembles corderoy, EVER

Do you know about the corderoy club? They love corderoy and have semi-annual meetings on Jan 11 and Nov 11, as these dates are the dates that most resemble corderoy. Imagine their excitement on 11|11|11*, the date that most resembles corderoy, EVER.

Black to move. Jack Wen is a genius.


*you have to write it like that (instead of with /) for obvious reasons


Philip Sells said...

Amyas looks a bit like a boy I know from church.

Bill Brock said...

1...Bxf2+ 2.Rxf2 Re1+ 3.Bf1 Rxf1+! 4.Kxf1 Ne3+ with a winning ending.