Sunday, August 26, 2012

I finish last and go to Storm King

I am inordinantly proud of myself that I've started running. We bought a treadmill in June, and I am running 4-5 days a week. I like to run while watching 24 on netflix on Jonathan's ipad: I find the chase scenes very motivating.

On Wednesday I ran in a 5k at prospect park, and was proud to finished in 28:25, down two whole minutes from my two-week's-ago time of 30:36.

At least, I was proud until I saw the results page and realized I am on the very last page: last place (5/5) in my division of women 35-39. ouch.

Jonathan's time was 19:30. He finished 25th, and 5/17 in men 35-39. well done.

Today we went to Storm King Art Center, which is a easy day trip from NYC (njtransit). Below are a few photos, more on facebook here


Anonymous said...

Belly. Button. Photo.

Gurdonark said...

Those pictures are the best, but better still is that the two of you are giving running a go!