Thursday, October 4, 2012

a lot is happening!

a lot of amazing exciting things are happening to me.... Brooklyn Castle is coming out Oct 19 at the Landmark Sunshine. Please go see the movie if you haven't yet and live in New York. The receipts for opening weekend determine if it's going to open in other cities, so it's kinda important!

I love these new posters....

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       Jon Hamm (=Don Draper) is hosting a small, exclusive screening at Soho House this Tuesday. I was invited, but initially said "no way, I'm very busy managing a critical USCL match vs. league leaders the Dallas Destiny" but then Jon Hamm called the publicist and said he is a big fan of me (!!!!!) and is there any way I could make it, so obv. now I'm going. I love Mad Men. 1000 thanks to Marcus Fenner at the Marshall for covering for me!
        I'm excited that the NY Knights are 3.5-1.5, although I'm exhausted beyond belief the next day --my normal bedtime is 9pm.
        I started IVF treatments. I'm proud to say I gave myself an intramuscular injection with a 1.5 inch needle in the Marshall bathroom during a USCL match. Go Knights!
       I love Paul Tough's book, (How Children Succeed) although a couple people have commented on the disconnect between how nice I am in the movie and how hardcore critical I am in the book. I think both are true in their own way, both are obviously also edited versions of me, in the sense that when you become a character, people want you to mean something. and I have my bad days, obv. But I also think that I am different to different kids and in different situations. Some kids need discipline from me, while some kids are hard on themselves and someone to tell them it's ok and it's a game. Definitely, if you see me at nationals, chaperoning 55 kids, 45 of them boys, I'm more on edge, more of a drill sergeant than in my classroom, but I know there is some real chance they might think it's funny to set the hotel on fire.
       There was one unforgettable awards ceremony where they tried to dump a huge water cooler on Galvin and missed and poured 50 gallons of ice water on the hotel ballroom carpet. Galvin beat a quick retreat, leaving me to frantically pick up ice and apologize. Various other coaches and USCF types pointed out what a bad chaperone I was and that my kids should be banned from these tournaments. sucked.

Jonathan and I talking with Paul at his recent GothamSchools talk.
School is going very well--  In my classes, I'm doing my best to do a great job every day, and that keeps me focused and happy. I have 110 students in my afterschool; between 50 and 70 come on any given day. It's a complete and total madhouse, but I'm excited to be reaching so many kids. I do a lot more giving directions than going over games, but I guess that's the price of it.


Anonymous said...

good luck with the IVF!

gurdonark said...

That's cool about Jon Hamm. I hope you have a great time at Soho House.

Best wishes for the IVF as well--I know it's a big step, and I hope it's a thoroughly successful one.

Is anyone really the same person in any two situations? Being exactly the same sounds a bit alien, perhaps Vogon. Between calibrating for different situations, and alterations in mood, nobody is the exact same way twice, or nearly nobody anyway.

I hope that movie comes to our local Dallas suburbs here.

Don't worry about your USCL matches--it's just not your Destiny to attend this week.

Have a great time at the premiere!

Rihel said...

Looking forward to the movie. Hope all is going well!

ejh said...

This short item on chess in New York may interest your readers...if they can see it! I can view it where I am in Spain, but I'm told UK viewers can't. Hope it works in the US.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Spiegel,

I just want to say I hope your labor of love or movie Brooklyn Castle is a great success. What you've been able to accomplish at IS 318 is amazing and you should be world famous for inspiring your team to not only win national championships, but national HIGH SCHOOL championships as a middle school team. I coach a strong jr. high team, but we would get slaughtered by your team even though we are annually the best in our city and one of the best in our state. Your success actually drives me somehow to inspire my teams to succeed more. Because if your team can beat high school teams, my players also believe they can beat high school teams (and they do the majority of the time, but certainly not always LOL). Keep up the great work - I am completely in awe of what IS 318has accomplished!

Elizabeth Vicary said...


Ron Young said...

See, in my day, pulling the fire alarm was a common practical joke. Now, it's actually starting a fire. And the alarms probably don't work anymore.

Maybe you know that the football coach George Allen (the "the future is now" guy) died from pneumonia after being drenched by his players with ice water. He was coaching then at a small college where they couldn't afford Gatorade. His son was the US Senator from Virginia who made that "macaca" comment, the recipient of which was a chess player, rated about 1700, I think. Maybe you know him; I don't. He'd be about 27 today.