Sunday, November 4, 2012

back to normal

I talked to a lot of media people in the last month, and it was fun, but I'm happy life is getting back to normal.  The truth is I mostly hate talking to reporters and being on camera. I did one interview I liked, on the website creativity post.

Brooklyn Castle is getting lots of amazing press, and Katie and Pobo will be on The Daily Show on Thursday.

In other news, I'm enjoying my hurrication. Nothing bad happened to me, and I got a week off work, so good. I'm trying to eat less sugar.  I enjoyed this Times article about our sea wall options.

I'm looking forward to grade nationals at the end of the month. Things look pretty good for us from the pre-entries, but it's early days still. I need to make our final list with Galvin next week.

I finished a new version of the opening book. I'm pretty excited to have completed that long-term, guilt-inducing, much dreaded project. The next project is systematizing opening teaching units, so I have all the teaching games and examples and whatever neatly stored in uniform files in google drive for when my laptop breaks.

nothing interesting is happening, but I like it. :)


gurdonark said...

I'm glad things are settling down, notwithstanding "both" hurricanes.
Nothing like an opening book! That's definitely more fun than "the new phone books are here!". Now, on to winning championships.

90922 said...

"Brooklyn Castle is getting lots of amazing press, and Katie and Pobo will be on The Daily Show on Thursday. "

Saw them on the Daily Show and they mentioned Elizabeth Vicary being a chess teacher and I remembered I took German with Frau Reid in middle school, with an Elizabeth Vicary, who was a chess player.

Did a Google search, when I heard the name and this blog is the first hit to come up.

Can I now safely claim I was classmates with a movie star?

Jean Krishnasami

Sriram said...

Heard about Brooklyn castle from watching the daily show and watched it at Lincoln center today. YOU ARE AMAZING! YOU, THE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, THE WHOLE SCHOOL, THE KIDS are doing a great job

Paul Gottlieb said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing "Brooklyn Castle." I saw many of your students at the ASAT in Parsippany this February and I was impressed by their focus and enthusiasm. I was also tremendously impressed by the young man who was coaching them. I didn't catch his name, but I believe he was a probational history teacher as well as a chess coach. I had the opportunity to listen to him go over the games with several students and I thought he was a terrific coach. With each kid, his analysis and even his vocabulary seemed perfectly appropriate to the age and experience of the particular child he was working with.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

yeah, Matan is the best

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