Saturday, December 15, 2012

pictures of current and former students, a crazy parent story







I have a crazy parent story for you. Lennin (1200) comes back after round two in the reserve section and says "My opponent's parent tried to cheat." I frequently hear that opponents try to cheat, but parents is unusual, so I get him to tell me the whole story. He explained that his opponent had played badly and not really tried to win. After the game, his opponent's mother approached Lennin and offered him $20 to say her son had won. Lennin said no, so the mother offered $25, then $30, then $40. Lennin: "I really wanted to take it, but I thought you might be mad."

Just as Lennin is telling me this, my former student and now TD Kenneth Martin comes in to tell me that Lennin's opponent's mother is saying that the result of the game, which was correctly recorded as a win for Lennin, was incorrect, and her son had won. I explained to Kenneth what Lennin had just told me, and Kenneth offered that he had watched the entire game as the TD for the section and had seen Lennin checkmate his opponent.

I took this to Shaun Smith. Shaun confronted the woman, who denied it.

crazy, right? Apparently it was her son's birthday, and he is at his peak rating of 1184, so she was trying to buy him a few extra peak rating points.


Anonymous said...

The photo's that are posted on this latest post are so crisp, clear and such great depth of field and contrast. Are these taken with the same camera that the photo's in the older posts are taken with? Just curious 'cause they are really astonishing!

Anonymous said...

As a parent, I can only say.... what the @#$% is wrong with some people?

Unknown said...

I hope you have a special prize for Lennin resisting the dark side - great integrity, kid!

Elizabeth Vicary said...

In fact, yes: he got to choose two prizes from the prize chest and selected a small tub of neon green "fart putty" and a box of colored pencils.

Philip Sells said...

Um, what would Lennin be planning to do with this "fart putty"? Or shouldn't I ask?

Anyway, that's an unusual story about an... unusual parent. Interesting.

Check2Check said...

Unbelievable. I hope that kid turns out alright despite having to grow up with such a horrible parent.