Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm back!

I've decided to try blogging again! I got a bit busy there, but spring break is starting, nationals is almost upon us, and I'm hoping to make a bit more time for myself soon. (more about that later!)

 First of all, the only bracket I could ever love, from the census department!

A fun article about IS 318, Brooklyn Castle, and me!

Nationals... can I say I hate supernationals? Mostly because I hate enormous crowds of people and waiting in line for food.

We have a uphill battle in the K-8. Canyon Vista has a 2 1900s, an 1800, 2 1700s, and Masterman has a 2000, a 1900, and 2 1800s. We have 2 1900s and 6 1700s. The nice thing is that if we lose, my good friends Greg or Mike win.

I'm a little more optimistic about the K-6, where we have 2 1600s and 6 1500s. I'm not too sure who our main competition is, but my sixth graders are pretty good.

We're also competing in the high school under 1600, the k-9 under 1250, and we have teams in the under 1000 and under 750, but I think those lower sections are all rigged and unwinnable anyway. I strongly believe the USCF should be checking the rating history of all winners, team and individual, in these under sections. Some very fishy things go on.

more soon!


Philip Sells said...

Welcome back, Elizabeth! :)

Nicolas A. Haberman said...

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your style and commitment, as related in Paul Tough's How Children Succeed. I am convinced that you are on to something. Wish you and your students success in the upcoming tournament.

Marc Widmaier said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I'll cya there. I'm already hating Supernationals and this will be my first time attending one.

Best of luck to you and your amazing kids!