Saturday, April 13, 2013

How Sebastian Succeeded + Investment Banking

Chapter Three, "How to Think," of Paul Tough's recent best seller starts with me going over the game of Sebastian Garcia, a sixth grader at his first nationals, playing in the Under 750 section. He plays quickly and poorly, and I pretty much tell him that.

Fast forward two years to last week, when he ties for 3rd (4th on tiebreaks) in the Under 1250 section with 6/7. Well done, Sebastian!

In other news, Patrick Masucci from DiscoverPoint Capital and Winston Bowen from Citigroup came to 318 to make a interactive powerpoint presentation to chess students (and assorted others) about investment banking, what it is, what it's like, and how to pursue a career in the field.

Thanks, Pat and Winston!


Stephanie.17 said...

This makes me SO happy!!! Well done Sebastian! (I just finished reading "How Children Succeed").

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just read that chapter in How Children Succeed and had to look up your blog. Congrats to you and Sebastian! You seem like the type of tacher I hope to be someday.

Super Digital Learning said...

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