Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Greg Shahade's Reprehensibly Un-Commissioner-like Behavior

(Picture removed per Commissioner's request)

I am sorry to have to report that Greg Shahade, USCL Commissioner, recently violated his ethical obligation of impartiality by VISITING NEW YORK CITY, HOME OF THE KNIGHTS. For those trusting innocents who are thinking, "No, it can't be! That's not the saintly Greg Shahade I know!!" I'm sorry to say I have irrefutable photographic evidence (above). The first picture is him and his fabulous girlfriend Susan. If you haven't met Susan, try imagining a character, similar to a female Greg without the chess/poker* thing, but on Law and Order**.

In even more shocking news, it's rumored that Greg spent over 300 days visiting Philadelphia in the last year.***

*Except she does play Chinese poker (pictured).
**She's a public defender.
*** Also, my cat is a fire fighter.


David Glickman said...

So everything Clint Ballard claimed last season was true? I say we throw the bum out and move the league office to Seattle.

Tennessee Tempo said...

Is the evidence laid before my very eyes true? Surely, there has to be some reason why the author of these allegations would seek to doctor them! You have seen what she had to say about our nation's beloved Tennessee Tempo. Those who attack the the unsucessful do so only to go on to bigger and better victims. Greg is innocent.

Anonymous said...

As a defense attorney, I feel obliged to point out that there has been no trial, no jury, no deliberations, and no verdict. All we have are vicious rumors and speculation. And, based on the evidence provided, Greg was in Paris!

Anonymous said...

Susan, public defenders are the true saints of our profession (I'm a patent lawyer). Keep up the good work.

Tom Panelas said...

Gonzo stuff! LOL, as you young folks say--whatever that means. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please explain to me why so many people (including the powers that be at NBC) think Bob Costas is a great announcer and/or studio host?