Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Putin's Instructional Judo DVD

Also interesting/ funny/ not-funny: Russian analyst thinks the US will completely collapse next year, martial law and everything. "Panarin argued that Americans are in moral decline, saying their great psychological stress is evident from school shootings, the size of the prison population and the number of gay men."

I am glad someone is finally remembering to blame gay men, who are well-known to squander their income on beautiful clothes, gym memberships and methamphetamine, and children and prisoners, who frequently default on their morgages.


Anonymous said...

The entire world is scheduled to end the year after next, so the US collapse won't matter for long.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying you blame the impending collapse of the US on people defaulting on their mortgages?

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's wrong with Putin?

He's not governing Russia along 100% democratic lines, but I personally think that may be not so bad at all. He definitely has succeeded in stabilizing this huge country that was in a real messy state after Boris Jeltsin. Quite a remarkable achievement IMO. And most of the Russian population loves him. That he wants to bring back Russia to world-power status is understandable, given that Russia is the largest country on earth with probably the most resources.
Possessing Nuclear Weapons and a space-program Russia should definitely not be treated like anything else than a world super-power, despite all their economic shortcomings.
Let's talk about the conflict in Georgia: I can understand Putin's Russia to intervene to safeguard the Russian minority living in Georgia after Georgia attacked them (the day the Olympic Games started!) backed, financed, supported, trained and equipped by Bushs' UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!!
So I ask, what does the US have to look for in Georgia? Isn't the Russian interest there not definitely more justified? Where is the US minority in Georgia living?
And has Putin waged wars far from his home country like Bush has in Afghanistan and Iraq???

I think some US citizens still have to wake up after their Bush-dictatorship warmongering, waterboarding-torturing years and acknowledge the wrong way they took after 9/11.
At last there's now a president (Obama) who hopefully brings the US back on the right track.

If you voted for Bush, don't critizise Putin!

BTW, what's a significant difference between Bush and Putin?

Bush was NOT elected! (At least the first time...)

Anonymous said...

Neither was Putin, for that matter (he got appointed by Yeltsin on New Year's Eve)

Hopefully Putin will end up on the garbage heap of history as one of the worst Russian leaders ever. If squandering years of high gas and oil prices on military isn't bad enough, think of his attempts to subdue neighboring countries. Sponsoring convicted rapist in Ukrainian presidential election in 2004 and most recent invasion of Georgia are most known examples, but there were so many more.


Anonymous said...

invasion of Georgia ...

the russian minority in georgia was attacked by the US backed georgian government forces first. russian troops carried out a response operation in order to safeguard the russian minority; of course one that was professionally planned already before, but there is nothing wrong with that.
the only ones who have nothing to do there are the hundreds of american 'advisers' in georgia...

again another example about US hypocracy...

Ed Scimia said...

That professor's map of what the US will look like after his split shows an awesome ignorance of our geopolitical landscape. As my friend said, can we (New York) trade Kentucky for Florida?

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here. These were the same things Russian government-lapdog "intellectuals" routinely said about the U.S. from the end of WWII through the late 1980s.

The Soviet (oops I mean Russian) professor's view is very familiar to those of us who lived through the Cold War. Now that the Old Communists (if not Communism itself) have retaken Russia, naturally they're reviving their Old Communist rhetoric about the U.S. - which sounds as unwittingly funny now as it did then.

They even have their Western mouthpieces, who spout equally hilarious, equally robot-like propaganda, as exemplified by 10:51 AM anon and 4:19 PM anon.