Monday, April 19, 2010

High School and Girls Results

Congrats to Rochelle Ballantyne on winning the 18 and Under section of Girls Nationals and a full four year scholarship to UTD.

IS 318 finished 5th in the high school open and won the girls 12 and under and girls 14 and under sections. Congrats to James Black for finishing 22nd and Jehron Bryant 35th (both tied for 15th-46th) and Pobo Efekoro for winning 3rd 1800-1899. I have a lot to say about both tournaments, so more tomorrow.


gurdonark said...

Congratulations to the girls for their good results, and to the team for coming in 5th in a high school event.

That would be cool--to get a chess scholarship!

Anonymous said...

Do the All Girls Nationals results get folded in with the team? It seems unfair if you have to lose your strong girls.

Congratulations to all, though!

Rick Massimo

chessx said...

Well done to you and the girls.
I am in England,so i am not sure of your school age workings.
Can you keep this team together next year?

Anonymous said...

Great Job Elizabeth!
Keep up the wonderful work you do.
Congratulations to Rochelle!and Congratulations to all your girls!
Congratulations! to you and your amazing students!