Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Grade Nationals; James Black climbs towards 2200

James Black in an Endgame Clothing t shirt. 

I leave on Thursday for Grade Nationals in Orlando, FL, where IS 318 will attempt to defend our 6th and 7th grade titles, and improve on last year's 2nd place finish in 8th grade. Last year's Sixth Grade Champion James Black will attempt to defend his title also, although that section is super strong with 5 players over 2000: Justus Williams (2218), Josh Colas (2137), Michael Ainsworth (2034) and Isaac Barayev (2018). James, who is currently at 2173, is close to his goal of making 2200 and breaking the record (again) for youngest African American master. The title is presently held by IS 318's top board, Justus Williams, who recently broke the record by 3 years (15 yrs to 12 yrs).

Here is the IS 318 Grade Nationals contingent

6th grade
Markus Pond (1327 but currently 1550)
Tera Ab Feaster (1234)
Anthony Asseviro (1243) 

7th grade:
Justus Williams             2218
James Black                 2173
Isaac Barayev              2034
Vaughn Soso                1578
Kenneth Martin            1551
Alex Bradford             1484
Maya McGreen            1483
Matthew Kluska          1480
Mariah McGreen          1466
Rashawn Baldwin         1381
Kevin Dominguez         1363
Otto Schatz                 1320
Kamil Chmilewski         1273
Anita Maksimiuk          1269
Yuxin Zhuo                   1122

8th grade
Danny Feng                  1924
Joel Ogunremi             1864
David Kim                   1771
Rashawn Williams         1762
Randy Rivera                1735
Jermaine Cooper          1694
John Garcia                  1677
D'andrea Dey                1667 
Aleem Awan                1635
Rhoda Lynch                1618
Lukasz Fron                   1494

Follow our tournament progress this weekend here


Anonymous said...

You don't have a full tieam for 6th grade?

Elizabeth Vicary said...

It's top 3 at grade nationals, so we do.

es_trick said...

That's a really "sick" line up on your 7th grade top 3 boards!

Your 8th grade team looks very deep.

Anonymous said...

Best of Success!! to all your grade teams!


Ivan said...

Congratulations on a clean sweep!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!Elizabeth to you and all your great students!!

Best Wishes,
God bless,

Anonymous said...

James is by far my favorite junior player to see playing chess on the tournament circuit. I predict big things for this kid.