Thursday, March 10, 2011

New World Youth Qualification Policy

This was approved by the executive Board on Feb 22, 2011. It should be of interest to chess parents, as it opens up many more spots for the World Youth, especially under the rating minimums (2.).
FIDE World Youth Chess Championships Selection Criteria:

The World Youth is an annual tournament held traditionally between June and November. Players must be selected by their individual federations in order to participate. The age categories are currently U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18 (Subject to change by the host country and FIDE). In the event that any FIDE rules or regulations are determined to be in contradiction with these selection criteria, FIDE rules and procedures will supersede these criteria. (REVISED January 2011 to take effect for the 2011 World Youth.)

A. Within each age and gender category, players may qualify to represent the USA under any of the following criteria:

1. be established as one of the three highest rated candidates by peak post-tournament rating in the previous 12 months, ending with events included in the May Rating Supplement;

2. The minimum rating requirement within the age and gender categories for players who do not qualify for this event by some other means is the following:

Girls Under 18 Minimum Rating1900

Girls Under 16 Minimum Rating 1900

Girls Under 14 Minimum Rating 1800

Girls Under 12 Minimum Rating 1700

Girls Under 10 Minimum Rating 1500

Girls Under 8 Minimum Rating 1100

Boys Under 18 Minimum Rating 2400

Boys Under 16 Minimum Rating 2300

Boys Under 14 Minimum Rating 2200

Boys Under 12 Minimum Rating 2000

Boys Under 10 Minimum Rating 1800

Boys Under 8 Minimum Rating 1400

Players whose peak post-tournament rating equals or exceeds this minimum rating will be able to participate in the World Youth.

3. have earned a personal right to compete by virtue of one's performance at this event or the previous Pan American Youth Festival – see below “Qualifying by Personal Right”:

4. win the US Cadet Championship.

5. win clear first place in a championship section of the National Elementary Championship, the National Junior High Championship, or the National High School Championship.

The USCF office may set a reasonable participation fee to cover administrative and coaching expenses for the players who are not in the top three and yet qualify based upon a national championship or based upon their rating. The Scholastic Council recommends that the fee setup by the USCF office is revenue neutral and fair to the young players.

B. the top qualified player in each category will be considered the official representative and will be entitled to receive whatever financial assistance is offered towards the cost of participation. If a player who has earned a personal right also qualifies as the top qualified player by rating in their category, the next player in line will be considered the official representative in that category and will be entitled to receive whatever financial assistance is offered towards the cost of participation.

C. If the top qualified player declines the invitation, the next player in line will be entitled to the financial assistance described above.

D. If a qualified player is unable to attend, that place will not be offered to a non-qualified player ranked lower on the rating list.

E. All qualified players will have the right to participate and will be considered to be part of the national team.

F. The Scholastic Council Chair shall review the rating history of all qualified players before approving the final selection. Irregularities in a player’s rating history may be grounds for disqualification.

G. Qualifying by personal right - Players may earn a personal right to compete in the World Youth by earning a gold medal in one of the following ways:

- A player who receives the gold medal at the World Youth will be qualified by personal right for the World Youth (as well as the Pan-American Youth) for the next year based on maintaining the activity requirement in that year.

- A player who receives the gold medal at the Pan-American Youth Festival will be qualified by personal right for the next World Youth and will qualify for whatever financial assistance is offered towards the cost of participation.

- The minimum activity requirement will be 30 rated games (either USCF or FIDE-rated – if FIDE-rated, submitted to the USCF for verification) in the 12 month qualification period.


Unknown said...

What month is age cut off? I guess world will not follow USCF age groups. Like eg. USCF under 12 category the player can be 12.5 yr old but is it valid for world youth chess organization too?

Elizabeth Vicary said...

I believe it's Jan 1, but I'm not sure.