Sunday, March 13, 2011

weight by state

There's a hilarious infographic in Charles' Blow's op-ed piece in the Times called "Weight by State: Measure of childhood obesity and some contributing factors in states won by John McCain in 2008."

Which leads to the punchline/thesis of the article, which is "Maybe conservatives aren't attacking Michelle Obama's seemingly unobjectable anti-obesity campaign because they attack Michelle Obama reflexively, maybe it's because THEY'RE FAT."
      which at first I thought was a little mean ("no, you're fat!" "no!! you're fat!") but keep in mind, Blow is attacking leaders who are taking a stand against important public health education.
    I was a little surprised that I couldn't find any direct look at obesity rates among registered voters by party.


Anonymous said...

Another example of liberal bias of the New York Times. He presents a table with McCain’s states, where are Obama’s data. Obvoius he has read “How to Lie with Statistics”. Look at his impressive use of statistics and I quote: “So with that as background, one can see why the Pew poll found that only 49 percent of whites, 45 percent of the elderly, 41 percent of Republicans and 33 percent of those who agree with the Tea Party movement also agreed with the majority on this question. “. What happened to the 51 percent of whites, 55 percent of the elderly, 59 percent of Republicans and the 67 percent of the Tea Party that do not support his thesis (BS as it is)?

Anonymous said...

Actually makes sense - consider if people are sensitive about the notion of not wanting others (i.e. the government) telling them what they should do, it is unlikely that they would be swayed as much by general popular concern about health, weight and appearance. "it's my body and I'll do what I want."

john upper said...

This is a great opportunity! Everyone should encourage Tea Party supporters to both opt-out of government medical-care plans and to put on lots of weight.

Democrats should admit that every extra pound makes Michelle Obama cry.

T-Party fans should be challenged to chow down on a second helping of saturated freedom.

C'mon T-partyers: pack on those "Patriot pounds" and flesh out your "Rush handles" by filling your "nay"-holes with freedom fries!

Anonymous said...

There is a deep-seated need among liberals to attack the messenger. Instead of addressing the points - what business does a bureaucrat in DC have dictating your food choices (and don't kid yourself, what is a recommendation one day is a dictate the next) - the response is "you are fat".

Also, Michelle is not a 'leader', she is the wife of the president.

Anonymous said...

So why are liberals attacking them then? Oh yeah, now I remember, because they didn't do squat that they promised us.