Monday, April 11, 2011

Girls Nationals: student photography, a limo singalong, and CT Art

Ashe and Xonatia, across the street from the hotel, after the last round. I'm going over a game in the back.

Ashe, Zanea, Rhoda

Edeli, Ashe

Mariah is about to show me her last round win over Sophia Flanagan.


Ashe and Xonatia

Xonatia and Mariah
We took a white stretch limo from the tournament to the airport, because it was 40% cheaper than the airport shuttle we had taken from the airport to the hotel. Of course, Galvin told the girls it was because they won (the 12 and under, came second in the 14 and under) and none of them had been in a limo before, so there was enormous excitement. 

sorry I'm shaking the camera so badly, but I figured you would want to share in the limo singalong:

 Jamye Moya (white) has a CT-Art-like problem in her 4th round game against Taylor Cogshell. 
more photos here


Anonymous said...

1.Rxg4 Qxg4
2.Qxf7+ Kxf7
3.Ne5 forking K and Q

Anonymous said...

your student body seems to lack diversity.

Leon Akpalu said...

Okay, so now I am all confused about how to pronounce "Xonatia ".

Leon Akpalu said...

But I guess that's just one more way in which she's a real chess player -- like Cvitan or Znosko-Borovsky.

Bill Brock said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i think there is one white girl in the group pic...smh

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Xonatia = zah nosh ah

I think the girls are very ethnically diverse, but I'm not so sure what the point is either way. I don't get to choose which kids I get.

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