Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Irina Krush gives a masterclass at IS 318

     IM Irina Krush was kind enough to come to 318 today and teach an excellent lesson on improving pieces to a specially-convened class of top students. She leaves to play in the US Championship on the same day we leave for Junior High Nationals! good luck to us both! (shouldn't the fantasy contest be starting?? I get all my students to enter as class projects so they care when we look at the us championship games. It's awesome because we win some books and prizes just through sheer numbers.)

Many thanks to Irina for generously volunteering to her time!
The kids in the front row take a laid back approach (but pay rapt attention)

D'Andrea and Joel

This was earlier in the day, when Rashawn, Kenneth, Isaac, Avery, and Jamye from my seventh grade class are showing me their answers to Final Jeopardy. The Final Jeopardy (from Nationals Opening Review Team Jeopardy) question was "Place 2 kings, 2 queens, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, and 2 knights on the board so no piece attacks another." (from Coakley)

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Anonymous said...

That's easy. Just make all the pieces black (or white). A piece can't attack another piece of the same color. ;-)