Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photos from the 15th US Chess School

I'm too lazy to caption this, but instructors Gregory Kaidanov and Greg Shahade are in the back.  

Greg Kaidanov

Greg Shahade

Local Organizer Mike Klein in the back

Jeevan Karamasetty

John Hughes

Greg and Mike

Jeevan (front), Justus, Andrew, and Mike

Sam Xin


Adam Raoof said...

Dear Elizabeth - I read your article here - - and your blog entry about the US Chess School with great interest, since we are hoping to do something equally productive here in the UK. Any lessons we can learn from your experiences would be welcomed, and anything we at the English Chess Federation can offer you guys, including exchanges, let me know!

Anonymous said...

A photo says a thousand words
and a child's facial expression doesn't lie also..subtle nuances
I don't think I'd let my child spend more than one day there without my presence and support.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Anon-- You confuse me. subtle nuances? You realize the kids in the photos are thinking, right? They aren't grimacing in pain.

It's funny you say that though, Justus had thought the camp was 7 days, and so on day 4 I was talking about the upcoming end of camp, and he got upset and tried to 'talk me into' the camp lasting longer.

Mrs. Williams said...

Justus actually "loved" the US Chess School. He said this was his favorite one actually.

Anonymous said...

Why do you assume someone is speaking of Justus, the photo has many students

Leon Akpalu said...

@ Anon:
Why do you assume she thinks you're talking about Justus? She's just using him as an example.

Anonymous said...

The question is, when will the instructors stop beating those poor children!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Stop torturing those children and treat them to Ben and Jerrys's ice cream and crunch bars!!....chuckle