Friday, July 1, 2011


how's everyone been?
      School is over for me. I was going to play in the World Open, but then caught a cold and decided not to. I am thinking I will play the G/30 tournament at the Marshall Saturday, I'm going to play 1. d4 and some new caro lines and the Hennig Shara gambit and whatever openings I'm curious about at that moment, then go to Philly, stay with Greg, and just visit the World Open to see old friends.  

update: the cold continued, and I stayed in bed until Sunday. Saturday morning Jonathan was telling me his father and brother had exactly the same symptoms and they went to the doctor and got antibiotics and were better in a day. I was brought up that you didn't go to the doctor unless you had a fever of 104 or a rash or some other unfakeable-mistakable symptom. And that it wouldn't do any good anyway because you have a virus and antibiotics only work against bacteria. But Jonathan pressured me and, because my regular doctor was gone for the holiday weekend, I called the guy with the highest rating in Yelp. The doctor himself answered the phone ("hi") and told me he couldn't see me because he was at the hospital, but asked me a few questions, and said "You should not have to be sick this weekend; you should enjoy this holiday weekend! This weekend we should all celebrate freedom!" 

I swear I am not making this up. 

So I go to the pharmacy near my house that he tells me to go to, and when I walk up to the counter, the pharmacist says to me, "Miss Elizabeth? Your prescription is almost ready." He takes my insurance  card, charges me $10 and gives me antibiotics + some mega-strong cold medicine. 

I have had some great experiences with Yelp recently.

     On Tuesday, James, Justus, and I train it down to Charlotte for the next US Chess School. I'm looking forward to seeing my old friend Mike Klein there. Mike is a fantastic conversationalist: tells great stories, is always witty and on, always going for the joke-opportunity, and so I'm looking forward to hanging out with him, plus Greg (x2), James, Justus, Guy and Josh for five days and everything being extremely entertaining.

      I laughed out loud several times reading this NYT magazine piece What Does Newt Know?

      I watched the Bobby Fischer HBO documentary last night. What surprises me about him in general is that no one says autism. He can't relate to other people's emotions, hates changes to his environment, is super-sensitive to stimuli most people can't detect, prone to tantrums, can't read emotional cues, loves focusing on one thing over and over again for many hours, and loves animals. Why is that paranoid schizophrenia and not high functioning autism?

     Speaking of autism, an interesting and heart-warming article about a Danish (thanks!) company that recruits autistic people for IT jobs that require extreme concientiousness and attention to detail.

     I'm doing the bare minimum amount of wedding planning, and I'm looking for song suggestions. please.

     Jonathan and I put in an offer on a house! I'll tell you all about it if they accept. We've spent the last few Saturdays biking around the neighborhood, going to open houses. It's a beautiful combination of physical exercise and romantic real estate fantasy.


es_trick said...

re: Fischer & autism, here's a snippet from an interview with GM Alexander Grischuk

Vlad Tkachiev: Are you perhaps, at times, autistic?

Alexander Grischuk: In general chess players do have a tendency towards autism, and for some it’s bordering on a mental disorder.

Anonymous said...

Flamingos I only have eyes for you
Can there be any other wedding song as good as this.
Dangerous Dave

Anonymous said...

Not Dutch but Danish(Denmark)
nice article though...
Dansk(Danish) and Norwegian(Norsk) surnames usually end in sen.

Anonymous said...

re: What Does Newt Gingrich Know?

Typical hack job from the Loony Liberal Left, aka, The New York Times. Obviously still hurt feeling from being rejected as a Ghost Writer.

Leon Akpalu said...

@ Latest anon:
Andrew Ferguson is a staff writer at The American Standard, a fairly conservative magazine which currently has other article headlines like "Obama Proposes $418 Billion in Tax Hikes" and "In Defense of Mark Halperin (Sort Of)".

Their website includes a link to Ferguson's NYTimes piece on Gingrich. So it's really more a case of conservatives throwing anyone who disagrees with them under the bus -- or in your case, calling such people crazy liberals.

Leon Akpalu said...

Though who knows, you may be right about the hurt feelings for not being included in Newt's ghost-writer cadre.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Fischer had both high-functioning autism and paranoid schizophrenia.

Gurdonark said...

I can make my favorite suggestion about the background music.
I'm partial to Satie's 3 "Gymopedies"
as incidental music for almost anything, including weddings. I like the slow, wonderful piano version of them done by Reinbert de Leeuw. I don't have a Creative Commons piano version of it, but here's a very nice virtual string version of the 1st one from the Free Music Archive, artist Peter Johnston:

For processional music, I suggest
this Ciaccona by Buxtehude. Here is a version available for free download under a Creative Commons license:

Buxtehude "Ciacconna"
version by Bach Guitar Duo:

Anonymous said...

True Love Travels on a Gravel Road, the Percy Sledge version; A Lover's Concerto, by The Toys; I Will, by The Beatles; and Not About to Lose, by Ron Sexsmith, are my top-of-the-head suggestions.

No Republican, including Newt Gingrich, has ever had to answer for the fact that they screamed at the tops of their lungs that Bill Clinton's tax increases would destroy the American economy and instead resulted in the largest and strongest peacetime economic expansion in United States history - yes, even bigger than the one that resulted from Ronald Reagan's tax INCREASES.

Rick Massimo

Anonymous said...

I don't know that it can be accurately said that the tax increases under Clinton resulted in economic expansion. What is indisputable, though, is that they in no way hindered it, and that they allowed the budget to be balanced for the first time in decades, despite America's outsize military spending (which, BTW, was also cut for the first time in decades under Clinton).

Anonymous said...

Take care of your health and check the health of your partner. Don't be so trusting in this day and age, many people are secretive about their lives and health and could endanger innocent ,unsuspecting partners.
Be careful.

Marc D. said...

My coworker just got married and used Nintendo game theme music for background. It was very nice, especially the selections from Zelda and Final Fantasy. Their first dance was to Numa Numa.