Saturday, April 21, 2012

Girls Nationals, Saturday

 Maya, Mariah, Shanniah, Edeli, Anita, Haby, Yuxin doing pre-tournament tactics

 Edeli played well to beat a 1300 in round 2.

Maya, 2-0

I'm in Chicago with 7 girls for Girls Nationals. Maya, Mariah, Yuxin and Anita are in the 16 and Under section (they are all 13 or 14). They face a team from Hunter of Lilia Poteat, Sophia Flanagan, and Julia Katz. Shanniah, Haby, and Edeli are in the 14 and Under section, but they are the only team in that section. Incredibly, they are all playing 3 hour games every round, so I'm sitting in my hotel room alone, pretty bored. I'm (re)reading Practical Chess Exercises by Ray Cheng-- really good.
 Results are here.  

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RickM said...

I first heard about Ray Cheng's book from your blog, and I love it.

Matan Prilleltensky wrote in CLO last year that IM Alan Stein gave him that book and told him to study it until he could solve every position in it in 1-2 seconds each. That's what I've been doing.

It was dizzying at first, but now I've been working through it like a musician works on finger exercises, which works much better. The first day I did the first couple of pages until I could get them in 1-2 seconds; the next day I reviewed what I had done already and added another page, etc. After nearly four months, I can solve the first half of the book in 1-2 seconds each. And it's really been helping.

Anyway, enjoy the tournament!