Friday, April 27, 2012

JH Nationals. Thursday: Problem Solving Day

Meet some of the hard-working, puzzle-solving members of the IS 318 Under Sections Team! I spent a beautiful Thursday stumping 1100s with problems from Ray Cheng (Practical Chess Exercises) and Jeff Coakley (Winning Chess Exercises for Kids).
Michael, Vincente, Adam, William

Krystian, Austin

Isaiah, Chris, Jacob

Adam, William, Edmond



Stefek, Michael, Adam

Stefek, Michael


Zanea, Humriah, Summayah

Ashe, Zanea, Humriah, Summayah, Edeli, Jamye


Humriah and Summayah

Patryck and Justin

We just won the blitz tournament with 42 out of 48 possible points, making IS 318 both High School and Junior High School blitz champions. :)

We  have 50 students here: 28 in open, 14 in Under 1250, 6 in Under 1000, and 1 in Under 750. I'm forgetting someone somewhere, I know.

Results throughout the weekend will be here.


Michael Aigner said...

Cool team! Have fun in California! :-)

Anonymous said...

And soon (big yawn)you'll be national high school and jr. high champions as well, with Foothills likely finishing a very distant