Monday, June 25, 2012

I bike 25 miles and take some photos

I biked in my first organized ride, the Suffolk Nassau Bike Challenge (25 miles). Jonathan's 62 mile race started an hour before mine, so I walked  on the beach and took some photos with my phone.

unrelated photos:

a Photosynth picture of the National Mall

which looks a bit like this (regular photo) from Chicago


Gurdonark said...

25 miles is a nice ride! I hiked 12 miles on the 4th of July, but my path took me through a prairie setting, including this vaguely cinematic walk through a field of sorghum.

I've never done an organized bicycle ride, as I like the advantages of bicycling alone or with one other person..

Check2Check said...

You have a fantastic eye for composition in your photo's. A very fresh approach on subject matter too.