Saturday, June 16, 2012

good reads and the Knights

I spend 90% of my time now reading newsy magazine articles, and 90% of that time reading Democracy in America. Here are some of my favorites from last month:

Nanny Dearest on Bloomberg's ban of sugary soda. After some thought, I am totally in favor of this. People seem obssessed with viewing every public policy question through the lens of freedom. Is a lack of freedom really your biggest problem? I see this as government regulating big business to preserve our health, and I applaud it just like I applaud rules about fracking or trans fats or poisonous additives in baby formula. Thank you, Mayor Bloomberg.
I'll Ask the Questions Here on reporting and blogging
The Best Rapper in Germany -- an old Chuck Klosterman essay on rap. Klosterman just took over the NY Times' Ethicist column. I'm a big fan of him in general (The Great American Stasis) but mostly for his original thoughts-- not so sure he will be as good when the material is other-generated.

The Tutu Project
wearable plants, from a website of innovative business ideas

In other news, I'm taking over from Irina Krush as manager of the New York Knights! Do not be surprised if we withdraw from the Eastern Division and move to the Western three hours before the first round. :)

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