Friday, January 25, 2008

Does Chess Ever Make You Feel Like Shooting Yourself In the Head?

you are not alone.

Police: Suicidal Man Who Shot Friend Nearly Hit Baby

GREENSBURG, Pa. -- A man tried to commit suicide at a Westmoreland County apartment but ended up blowing off his friend's elbow instead, police said.

During a game of chess at a Greensburg apartment on West Otterman Street, police said Zachary Lucov took out a gun and raised it to shoot himself. His friend, Dennis Kleyn, tried to stop him.

In the struggle, Kleyn had his elbow blown off. Police said the bullet continued through his arm and into the kitchen floor near where Lucov's 9-month-old baby was playing.

Lucov's girlfriend, Carrie Santone, told police the men were playing chess when Lucov started talking about suicide.

"The suspect pulled a Glock 40 up to his head and said he was going to shoot himself," said Capt. George Seranko of the Greensburg Police Department. "That victim grabbed for the gun. There was a scuffle, and the gun went off."

Kleyn was rushed to Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital, where doctors told him the damage done to his elbow would be permanent.

A woman who identified herself as Lucov's mother was at his arraignment, saying, "It was an accident. The guy's his best friend. He would never hurt him in a million years. It was a stupid accident."

But police said the accident could have been deadly.

"The officer said they were intoxicated, been drinking that night, and some things went wrong," said Seranko.

Lucov is charged with aggravated assault, discharge of a firearm in an occupied structure, reckless endangerment and public drunkenness.


Anonymous said...

It happened in the apartment how can he be charged with public drunkeness?

Anonymous said...

you can't blame him for getting pissed off at playing chess.. although to the extreme of using a gun just to showboat his bravado.. that's a little F..... up ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Beware of pencil-necked geeks playing board games!

What happens to the other guy's arm now, could they sow it back on sans elbow and if so, how much use will it still be?

A .40 cal will blow a hole the size of the Holland Tunnel in a guy, Mr. Lucov sure isn't one for half measures...