Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Fun From the New York Times

Today's New York Times chess blog posting, "Second Computer Expert Offers Opinion on Report at Base of USCF Lawsuit," continues McClain's trademark style of fairly objective-sounding news reporting followed by a hilariously bitchy final quote.

Today's article has several experts agreeing that Mottershead's report, which asserted Truong's guilt, was correct (or, at the very least, sounded really great). Then at the very end, just to be completely, irreproachably objective, McClain quotes one final expert who agrees only 99% that PT is to blame. McClain explains that "while he (the expert--EV) agreed that the person identified as “chesspromotion” on the federation’s internal forum Web site was the author of the fake postings, “I am not able to identify the real person behind user account ‘chesspromotion’.”"


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