Saturday, January 12, 2008

Help Us Out Here

I, ok, actually my friends, need a few things. Can anyone help us out?

1. An teacher friend of mine is looking for a full time chess instructor gig anywhere in the country. He's 1800, has 9 years of experience, and is reliable, professional, and fabulous with kids. I recommend him very highly.

2. A grandmaster friend of mine wants to visit New York for a month or so and needs a room/apartment. He'll give you some lessons, and/ or feed your cats.

3. A female 2100 friend of mine is looking for a fun team for Amateur East.



Anonymous said...

I think the Phoenix program is always looking for instructors.

What is the GMs name?

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Thanks; would you know whom to contact?

I'm not posting the names of my friends, but if you are interested in putting him up, email me ( and I can give you more details.

Polly said...

Would your 2100 rated female friend like to play board 1 on a team with a 1700 (me), 1674, 1484? I may still need a player since I still have not heard from the guy who I asked to play board 1. She could also share the room with me. I have two queenside beds and only myslef in the room.

Anonymous said...

Is this 2100 cute and whats her name so i can look up her rating history?