Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Rumor has it that GM John Fedorowicz will be playing for the New York Knights this fall.

This is an Amateur Team I was on called "Being John Fedorowicz." We won best name/gimmick/costume, beating, I believe, the Chess Police. It was the year that the movie Being John Malkovich came out, if that explain things.

Left to right: Samson Benen, Ron Young, me, Lew Eisen.

*Greg said I couldn't call it news.


Tom Panelas said...

So who are the top boards for the Knights now? Is Shabalov replacing Nakamura? Is that confirmed? Is Pascal still on the team?

Anonymous said...

Damn! You're pretty.

Tom Panelas said...

Me? Gee, thanks!

Elizabeth Vicary said...

I also think Tom is pretty.
Very pretty.

Shabalov and Fed are playing. No Nakamura-- he moved to Canada. Pascal I'm not sure about, but I guess Krush and Hess and Bonin and Zenyuk are probably still on, and Hermann and I are out. Then probably they will need a low rated person who would make a Shabalov-Fed-Hess/Krush team work?