Friday, December 18, 2009

Free Chess Tournaments!!

If you are over 1800 and live in NYC, come play free for cash prizes in the top section at selected Chess in the Schools tournaments. Several adult masters and experts have confirmed their participation, and the minimum rating of 1800 is strictly observed, so competition should be good.

You must preregister by emailing Shaun Smith at, or call him at 646-688-0725

12/19/2009 IS 318 101 Walton St Williamsburg
1/18/2010 FDA Harlem
1/30/2010 IS 318 101 Walton St Williamsburg
3/6/2010 IS 318 101 Walton St Williamsburg

times: arrive by 9:25.
tomorrow: 4 g/30 at 10. 11:15. 1. 2:15
future tournaments will be g/45

prizes: currently $50, $30, $20, but if particpation is good, we hope to triple or quadrupled the money soon.


Shaun S. said...
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Shaun S. said...

Thanks Elizabeth.

If you want a chance to play against National Champion James A. Black, then sign-up for this event.


Ed Scimia said...

Wow, tomorrow is too short notice for me to take the train down, but it'll be hard to pass up free tournaments going forward. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

merry xmas lizzy and everyone else!

Anonymous said...

Please, let's make this the year for a BELLY BUTTON PHOTO!!!!

Baduk said...

Happy new year to all! May your rating multiply in 2010 :)