Tuesday, December 1, 2009

lions vs. buffalos

thanks to Dujiu Yang for the link


Anonymous said...

I liked the lion vs. boar video (short).

Anonymous said...

I am surprised you didn't know about it. My 4 year-old makes me play it umpteen times.

As they say, only man bites dog is news and not the other way round. Same with lions getting killed or their attacks repulsed. As a result and also because of popular support for the underdog, youtube is full of such videos making one wonder if lions can hunt at all :)


Mark Ginsburg said...

One of the guys commenting sounds like the goofy Afrikaaner star of 'District 9'.

es_trick said...

I love lion documentaries. Usually they win, but sometimes they lose.

I saw one where a buffalo, fighting for its life gored one of the attacking lions in the side, and the doc followed her progress over the next few days -it was a mortal wound. In another one, there was a zebra that landed a hard kick on one of its attacker's jaw and broke it -another fatal wound. Lots of times when lions kill each other, too.

This one was unique, though -lions fighting a crocodile over the spoils, and then the whole herd buffalo showing up to ATTACK and drive off the hunters, and save their young one! Amazing.

But why did the humans keep referring to the lionesses as "him"??? I didn't see any lions with manes in this video.