Tuesday, December 15, 2009

no charge for awesomeness, part two

IS 318 won the 6th and 7th grade sections of Grade Nationals last weekend, and came second in the eighth grade. We also won the K-6 blitz championship and came second in the K-12.

James Black won the sixth grade section (6.5/7) and the K-6 blitz championship (11/12). Other IS 318 individual winners were:

8th grade
tied for 2nd with 5.5: Alexis Paredes and Jehron Bryant
tied for 10th with 5: Nigel Bryant and Pobo Efekoro

6th grade
1st under 1200: Alex Bradford

photos! (more here)


gurdonark said...

Congratulations to your team!

I hope, too, that they all had an intensely fun time.

Leon Akpalu said...

I was *wondering* where you were the last few days!

Anonymous said...