Wednesday, May 25, 2011

318 junior middle school chess total victory triumphal returns!!!!

Wenhao Feng (Danny)

 From the Chinese newspaper World Journal! (translated by Google Translate!)

The Bululun Williamsburg's 318 junior middle schools on the national junior middle school Western world chess tournament which holds in the Ohio Gelunbu win total victories in April 15th to 17th, altogether picks four team titles and five individual championship title. 318 junior middle school chess team in the past several years from Bululun to national each sports event, this team obtained the innumerable award items. On this national Western world chess tournament, 318 junior middle school chess team becomes in the history the first same year to pick K-8 and the K-9 two rank championship title troop.

In the chess team Chinese young 13 year-old Feng Wenhao (Danny Feng) and 11 year-old Tang Jiayu (Jiayu Tang) displays outstandingly, lets coach is the praise greatly. 318 junior middle school assistant Principal Galvin (John Galvin) said: “Feng Wenhao is in the team one of most outstanding chess players, he has the talent.”

I especially enjoyed the prominence of my blog in the article:

Feng Wenhao in competition fight energetic and self-confident also praiseworthy. In a competition, he draws the situation under the inferiority to turn defeat into victory patiently slowly, lets Coach Vicary who observes a war (Elizabeth Vicary) drop the tear for this reason. Vicary wrote in the chess team's network diary that “he demonstrated to us the praiseworthy fight spirit, he to his self-confidence, certainly also had me exhausted as well as lays down the heart after the competition to come finally, I flowed off the tear in the presence of everyone, the children had felt that was surprised”.

 —full hilariously translated article here


Anonymous said...

I believe that "Bululun" is "Brooklyn."

Anonymous said...

Mark Twain did this back in the pre-electronic era.

Philip Sells said...

It reminds me of the little snippets that were put out at the time of the Karpov-Sadvakasov match. English press bites autotranslated from the Russian, much like these. They were hilarious! So yes, these are fun.