Monday, May 2, 2011

Intermediate School 318 comes 2nd!

Last night, most people seemed unsure if I would be happy at the result or upset at losing by half a point. People were consoling me. I wasn't what to say when they did that, but agreed we would try again next year.

I thought their performance was unbelievably fantastic, mostly because it is, also because the games were amazing and epic, and also because I was expecting a last-round disaster. We were 1 point behind Hunter and 1.5 points behind Bronx Science going into the round, and I thought their pairings looked easier than ours. We got 2.5/4 -- Justus beat a 2200, Isaac beat an 1800, and Danny drew against Bronx Science's Nitai Leve (2245)  so I figured we might come 3rd or 4th, maybe 5th. But the other guys all choked in varying degrees (except Hunter's Ostrovskiy)-- some funny stories with early plane flights, draw offers, and angry coaches --  and drew or lost, so Bronx Science got only 1/4, Hunter 2.5/4, (corrected, thanks)  leaving the results you see below

1 NYHUNT Hunter College Campus School, N (10) 20.5 87.0 124.0 171.5 85.0 
             GETZ, Alec (6.0,2385)              
             OSTROVSKIY, Aleksandr A (5.5,2332) 
             WILLIAMS, Jonathan David (4.5,2030) 
             LANDESMAN, Aaron (4.5,2110)        
  2 NYI318 I.S. 318, Brooklyn,NY (7)        20.0    82.0 116.5 155.0 79.5 
             WILLIAMS, Justus D (5.5,2255)      
             BLACK, James A, Jr (5.0,2156)      
             FENG, Danny (5.0,1993)             
             BARAYEV, Isaac (4.5,2025)          
  3 NYBSCI Bronx High School of Science, (8) 19.5    79.5 112.5 144.5 79.0 
             TUHRIM, Richard J (5.0,2226)       
             STURT, Raven M (5.0,2431)          
             LEVE, Nitai D (5.0,2245)           
             HESS, Peter (4.5,1923)             

I will post some games tomorrow.


charles said...


Anonymous said...

I think Hunter also got 2.5/4 in the last round: Ostrovskiy won, Getz/Landesman/Williams drew.
Bronx Science actually collapsed 1/4;

Next year you would be the main contender, although Hunter is still keeping some key players including Getz/Ostrovskiy/Landesman.

Elizabeth Vicary said...

thanks, I corrected it!
I don't think we will ever be the main contender. But thank you.

Anonymous said...

Why not?
Next year Justus is gonna be 2300+.
James - well over 2200 and Isaac over 2100; plus you always could have a long tail of 1800/1900 even if they are 1400/1500 right now.

This year all Bronx Science players would graduate, and Hunter despite of having the super solid couple of Getz/Ostrovskiy would not has so long bench as this year; Landesman is almost retired from chess.