Monday, January 12, 2009

A Great New Chess Book

A great new chess book/ graphic novel/ children's story for kids age 6-11. I love the illustrations and the story line. See the first chapter here. Isn't it just very visually appealing? Reviews and more downloads are available here.

If you are part of a school or chess teaching organization and want to buy the book in bulk, the publisher is offering a special below-wholesale price if you order in the next two weeks. The guy to contact is Leonid Rasin at

I have no personal or financial interest in the book, nor to I know Leonid except through email. I just think it's a great book and believe the publisher is offering this discount to help chess rather than to make money.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the book at Nationals and it looked great. I don't know if the author has been in touch with Shelby who runs the chess book store at a lot of the Nationals and CCA events or Mark Kurtzman of Tri State chess who runs the bookstore at Hunter and other NYC scholastic tournaments.