Tuesday, January 13, 2009

slipped up on your new years resolutions?? feel better....

A 9Queens womens' chess class
Jean Hoffman teaches the pawn.
by donating a little something to a good cause: 9Queens. It's a non-profit run by my friends, Jean Hoffman and Jenn Shahade. Its mission is to "promote the benefits of chess education to under-served and under-represented populations, especially girls and at-risk youth." i.e. they teach chess well and cost-effectively, mostly in Tucson. I'm especially impressed with their girls' /women's chess classes (top picture), which draw 40 women of all ages every month.
Have you ever seen 40 women play chess before? Me neither.
Here's their annual appeal letter:
Dear You,
This year, for the first time in the school’s history, every single second grader at Roskruge Bilingual Elementary will learn how to play chess through the 9 Queens' In-School Program. Over the past year, 9 Queens has grown from a single, after-school chess club into a national, 501c3 organization serving over 500 at-risk children and women annually. Current 9 Queens’ programming includes:

· Our innovative In-School Chess Curriculum Project that teaches over 250 low-income, public school children how to play and enjoy chess every week.
· Our Community Library Chess Clubs that offer weekly, free chess instruction for 25 community members of all ages.
· Our monthly 9 Queens Academy series that provides over 100 women and girls of all ages an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of chess in a supportive, female chess community.
· Our Chess Fest Tournament series that attracts over 300 participants of all ages to celebrate and enjoy chess in a non-traditional community setting.

The success of 9 Queens speaks not only to the strength of our organization but also to the need for our programs. Chess is an innovative, inexpensive, and effective tool proven to increase academic achievement, improve self-confidence, and engage those individuals left behind by our educational system. Since launching our programs, principals, teachers, parents, chess coaches, and students throughout the country have contacted 9 Queens in need of our support.

Now, more than ever, 9 Queens needs your support in order to continue to empower under-served and under-represented populations through chess. Your generous tax-deductible contribution to 9 Queens will provide necessary resources that go directly to our programming. Make the most of your year-end giving and impact the lives of those individuals who would benefit most by your financial support of 9 Queens.

Jean Hoffman
Co-Founder and Executive Director

I'm going to donate $50 and I'm hoping some readers might feel moved to join me. No pressure of course-- I know times are hard for many people. Nevertheless, to donate, click here.
If you put Elizabeth's blog in when it says "in memory of" then you can be a part of our fun donationmeter!!
ps watch some youtube videos

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post, Elizabeth. What a great organization.

Just so everyone knows, I contacted Jean Hoffman, who gave me this alternative way to donate: mail checks, made out to "9 Queens," to:

9 Queens
PO Box 41838
Tucson, AZ 85711

Elizabeth, please add $25 to your blog's donation-meter, as that is the amount I am mailing to 9 Queens.

By the way, did anyone see the awesome 2000 Argentinian film, "9 Queens"? It's not chess, but it's way cool.